Arnprior Town Warns Residents against Using Tap Water

The current health and safety issue in Ottawa is at stake as residents have been warned against the consumption of water. This is per a release from the municipality, northwest of Ottawa warning against the use of tap water due to a loss of pressure in the water distribution system.

The town of Arnprior has issued an emergency warning to all its residents advising them not to consume or bathe with any water that comes off their taps.

The town officials have stressed the issue and even echoed that it is not a ‘boil water’ situation, which would actually allow for people to consume, cook and even bathe with the water after it had been sterilized. Instead, it is a full warning for residents to completely stay away from tap water.

Though the situation has not affected all of Ottawa, residents will just have to rely on their town officials to give them an alternative way to get clean water.

So far a water supply has been set up at Nick Smith Centre on James Street.

Moreover, officials are urging residents to monitor the local media as well as consult the town of Arnprior’s website for more updates on the situation. As much as it may seem like a small hitch, it can get worse any minute.

Although the water advisory is on for a minimum of 24 hours, it can be extended if the problem is not solved sooner.

The town officials also said that the advisory is only as a precaution and will be withdrawn once the Town and Renfrew County and District Health Unit can assure them that the water is once again safe for use. So far they are still coordinating the water sampling and quality testing so as to determine its progress.


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