No Mosque Funeral for Would-be Terrorist, Aaron Driver

The death of the terrorist sympathizer Aaron Driver has stirred a debated on what it actually means to convert to Islam and its faith, violent or peaceful. Although Driver died a Muslim, his funeral arrangements are not to be presided by any local Imam or at any mosque in the city.

The Muslim institutions in London, Ontario are gently keeping off their distance but also helping the family with the funeral arrangements and how it should be done and conducted.

A spokesman for the London Muslim Mosque said that they were offering support to Driver’s family and advising them on planning the service in accordance to Islamic traditions. He also added that they were mainly concerned of being associated with someone linked to terrorism.

The mosque also stated that they had taken note of Driver’s activities and views on terrorism over a year ago and had tried, to no avail, to steer him away from it.

“We engaged him with the hope of changing his views on Islam and to show him the true, peaceful nature of our religion,” the statement read. “We constantly monitored his activities within the mosque and did our best to keep the authorities engaged with our activities.”

Driver who died last Wednesday, during a standoff with RCMP in Strathroy, Ontario, was under a court order not to associate with any terrorist group or organization as well as to stay away from the computers and mobile phones. But he was not in any surveillance, despite concerns that he might engage in terror activities.

He is reported to have made a martyrdom video that suggested he was planning to detonate a home-made bomb in an urban center.

Ontario Provincial Police said he died from a gunshot wound. However, investigations are still ongoing.


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