Ottawa: Dirty Cop Entity Prolongs Dezrin Carby-Samuels' Abuse

“Dirty cops” do not reflect who we are as humans who are beings of empathy.  Instead, dirty cops reflect ego-driven minds void of empathy that is at the very heart of our identity as human beings.  

When Detective Robert Griffin decided that he was going to engage in the illegal obstruction against justice for Dezrin Carby-Samuels, he was not defending the supposed ideals of the police that is to “serve and protect”.  Indeed, what kind of human police officer would seek to prolong the neglect and abuse of a more than 80 year old woman who had recently lost the ability of talk, walk and write?  What kind of human police officer would pursue illegal activities that sought to prevent a son from helping his own mother who had recently lost the ability to walk, write and talk?  Is this the action of a human being, or does such behaviour represent an alien consciousness that is responsible for the systematized oppressions of humanity and the destruction of our Earth?

It was Friday, June 2015.  Raymond had finally got to see Dezrin, his Mom who was escorted to the Nepean, Rideau and Osgoode Resource Centre on Merivale Road in Ottawa.  It was a sunny and relatively warm day.  Raymond had fought weeks to see him Mom.  Raymond had been illegally evicted by officers of the Ottawa Police on the direction of Horace, his father.  Raymond cried for days after seeing his the state that his Mom had been which was not the state he left her when Raymond was forced out of his home by Horace Carby-Samuels in late April 2015.  It was apparent that the Ottawa Police Services Elder Abuse Unit has lied that his Mother was “okay”.

Raymond had expressed on-going concerns about continued abuse and neglect by Horace against his father, and Horace was to be able to abuse his wife without further objections from the son.  In the old-style Jamaican culture, the “man” rules and the woman “obeys” and if she is subjected to physical, emotional and other abuse in the process, then tough!  So, Horace made up some story to the Police that Raymond was “violent” and suffered from “mental illness” and ought not to be believed – Even though Raymond presented a note for Police written by Dezrin that she was being abused.  Marcella Carby-Samuels, his sister, backed up Horace's lies to the Police so that she could get her brother out of the way and hopefully in prison so she could then lay claim to family assets as being the only “sane” sibling.

Raymond had only saw his Mom after weeks of struggle and an Ottawa lawyer wrote a Legal Demand letter to Horace Carby-Samuels that he was to enable Raymond to see his Mom and give back his belongings still in his parent's home or face imminent legal action.

After Raymond had met his Mother on 12  June 2015, Ms Alison Timons and her colleague confided in Raymond that Horace was blocking their ability to assist his Mom that contributed to her precipitous decline in health.  Furthermore Ms. Timons and her colleague said they would be willing to testify in court to affirm that Horace had been blocking their access.  Ms Timons also promised further access.

Marcella became concerned that Raymond was getting back into the picture and would upset her plans for control.  Horace became concerned that he would no longer we free to abuse his wife in peace.  So, do you know what Horace and Marcella did next?  They did what any “responsible” people would do.  Hire a dirty cop to prevent Raymond from helping his Mom.

Detective Robert Griffin was hired by Marcella and Horace and sent to collect information from Raymond on his visit with his Mother.  

Raymond told Detective Griffin that he was distraught at seeing the condition of his Mother, but he was hopeful after Ms Timons and her colleague volunteered to be witnesses against Horace and Marcella, and that they would also seek to pursue further meetings with his Mom.

Detective Robert Griffin after hearing this told Raymond that he would “talk” to Ms. Timons at the Resource Centre on the following Monday, 15, June 2015.  Right after his Meeting, Raymond was then promptly issued a letter by the Resource Centre that he was to “never contact the Centre again”.

Detective Robert Griffin shortly afterward, visited Raymond's residence and made a series of threats that if he continued to inform family and friends about the abuse that he has witnessed against Dezrin, that he would be arrested with the trumped up charge of “criminal harassment”.  

He would then reinforce his personal visitations with harassing messages like the one shown in the video above.

It became apparent that Detective Robert Griffin was in fact not a neutral police officer that Raymond had thought he was, but instead, a hired operative of Horace and Marcella that threatened / intimidated Ms Timons specifically and the Nepean, Rideau and Osgoode Resource Centre, in general, not to help Raymond under corresponding threats.

How much empathy do you think that this “Detective” has for either Dezrin or her son seeing each other?

When humans listen, read or watch science programs which discuss humanity's search for intelligent alien life could it be possible that we may already be in direct of indirect contact with aliens without even knowing it?  Maybe your favourite sportscaster on TV is an alien?  Maybe your famous niece was cloned along with your neighbour police officer?  If a human dresses in a bear suit, does that make it a bear? Of course not!  So, why should we potentially call aliens who dress in a “people” suit human?

Arguably, if we recognize humans to be beings of empathy, apparent beings who don't appear to posses empathy are either aliens; clones; or other entities that, in turn, and fully controlled by manipulative aliens.

As Michael Cremo elaborates in the video below, a human beings is not simply a physical presence but also has mind and consciousness or more precisely is of spirit and soul.  Such a spirit and soul is apparently lacking in the kind of entity that Detective Robert Griffin represents.


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