Corrupt Otawa Judge Charges Son $1500 for Seeking to Care for His Mother

When a judge charges $1500.00 against a son for seeking to care for his own sick and eldery Mom, you might wonder if our world is going upside down.  But this is exactly what Justice P. E. Roger did.  The son having complained to his father for having abused and neglected his Mother was then evicted from his parent's home against his Mother's wishes.  The father has blocked the son from seeing his own Mother since 12 June 2015.  The son was then forced to sue his father for his blocking of access when he found out that his mother has lost the ability to walk, talk and write under his continued abuse and neglect forcibly away from the protection of her son.

Justice P. E. Roger tried to arbitarily throw out his Motions to see his Mom in fall 2015.  However, the Plaintiff was able to get an Endorsement from Justice Patrick Smith to see his Mother on 11 February 2016.  The father then hired a lawyer who apparently contacted Justice P. E. Roger to quash Justice Patrick Smith's Order. This was a violation of 12.06 of the Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure

It is apparent that Justice P. E. Roger lacks empathy that's associated with who we are as humans.

The letter below further details apparent judicial collusion and conspiracy to subvert not only the Rules of Civil Procedure but also the Criminal Code of Canada, the Ontario Courts of Justice Act and the guidelines of the Ontario Judical Council.  To make matters worse, the nefarious subversion of judicial ethics also had an apparent accomplice -- the regional justice of Eastern Division of the Superior Court of Justice.

Ontario Superior COURT FILE NO: 15-66772

The Ontario Judicial Council OPEN LETTER

P. O. Box 914,
Adelaide Street Postal Station,
31 Adelaide Street East,
Toronto, Ontario M5C 2K3

September 13, 2016

Criminal Misconduct - Justice P. E. Roger and The Hon. James McNamara

Dear Ontario Judicial Council,

Further to my faxed letter dated 12 September 2016, I respectfully request that the Ontario Judicial Council obtain copies of the entire FILE NO: 15-66772 - including a court transcript that the Plaintiff provided, to aid in your investigation.

An independent review of files submitted by the Plaintiff and the Defendant will corroborate the mishandling of this case as a result of the illicit relationship of Justice P. E. Roger and The Hon. James McNamara in relationship to the Defendant.

A 100% of the Plaintiff's evidence and Book of Authorities was ignored by Justice P.E. Roger and The Hon. James McNamara, as if the Plaintiff was “invisible”, corroborating judicial prejudice. In contrast, the Defendant with the collusion of Justice P.E. Roger and The Hon. James McNamara was able to get Endorsements with a skeletal presentation without any independently verifiable evidence.

Furthermore, both Justice P. E. Roger and The Hon. James McNamara among other things, accepted the truthfulness of Affidavits by the Defendant which declared that the Plaintiff “suffers from mental illness” – a complete fabrication.

Other evidence such as handwritten notes from the Plaintiff's Mom, Dezrin Carby-Samuels which stipulated “Dad Abuses Me” were also ignored in the haste of Justice P. E. Roger and The Hon. James McNamara to exonerate the Defendant.

In so doing, Justice P. E. Roger and The Hon. James McNamara subjected the Plaintiff not only to civil rights abuses but also the Plaintiff's Mom to blocked visitation access which constitute elder abuse across Canadian jurisdictions and forcible confinement in breach of the Criminal Code of Canada for more than one year at the hands of the Defendant, Horace Carby-Samuels as a result of judicial prejudice and collusion.

The Defendant was not required to prove or substantiate anything including allegations of “harassment” and “mental illness”. The Plaintiff's evidence that the Defendant has used such allegations in Federal Court which were thrown out by the presiding Judge was, once again, ignored, as ALL other evidence presented by the Plaintiff.

Justice P. E. Roger and The Hon. James McNamara over-turned the Order rendered by The Hon. Justice Patrick Smith on 11 February 2016 through collusion and criminal conspiracy. When Justice Patrick Smith was supposed to preside over the Plaintiff's Motion of Contempt, it is apparent after having correspondence with his secretary that he was taken off the subsequent Motion of Contempt as a result of orchestration.

Justice P. E. Roger's most recent Endorsement presented in my letter dated 12 September 2016 which subverted the Rules of Civil Procedure, the Ontario Courts of Justice Act and the principles of the Judicial Council further exposes the misconduct of Justice P. E. Roger and The Hon. James McNamara in the Eastern Division of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

Thanks for your consideration.




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