Ottawa Long-Term Care Home Bans Family Members Who Complain

Two women claim that the city-run long-term care home where their mothers reside has been using threats of fines and no trespass notices in an effort to prevent them from visiting because they complained about the inadequate care and poor hygiene practices.

One of the women was escorted out by a security guard while her mother, who has dementia, watched in horror. The other woman was given a notice under the Trespass To Property Act and told she couldn’t stay in her disabled mother’s room while staff was caring for her.

“You complain and this is the price you pay,” said the daughter of the disabled woman.

Both women, who are retired nurses, asked that their identities not be revealed because they fear for the safety of their mothers who are still in the long-term care home.

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care launched an investigation into the care of one of the mothers found that there were at least 5 instances where the home was non-compliant with legislation.

“They are taking a layer of protection from my mother. When you strip the most important layer of protection — and someone who knows what they are looking at — you are putting my mother at risk.”


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