Posters from Hamilton Fringe Festival defaced by Bible verses

The Hamilton Fringe Festival continues this weekend and according to organisers, it has been an unprecedented year.

The show features performers from New Zealand and combines stand-up and sketch comedy with circus acts.

Organisers say word of mouth is how they’ve been able to break sales records this year.

The festival was founded in October 2002, with the first event taking place in the summer of 2003. The Hamilton Fringe Festival continues until July 30.

But this year something else gained the attention of the media. Posters of at least two plays featured in this month's Hamilton Fringe Festival have been defaced by pieces of white paper bearing typed verses from the Bible and other messages, appearing to attack the shows' LGBTQ and feminist-forward messages and themes.

The production of 'Coal from Hades' was hit first, with at least three posters being covered by the vandalism.

And on Saturday, artists behind the production of a 'SCUM: A Manifesto' noticed a paper near King William and John Streets had been entirely covered, including the artist's faces, their showtime and location.

Written in 1967, the radically feminist play contemplates a world without men.

The vandalism included a message suggesting that women should "learn in silence with all subjection" and not to "usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence."

One of the four Saskatoon-based artists with Scantily Glad Theatre in town for the production said the message was chilling as the group wants women to be treated equally, as human beings.

"It made me sick to the stomach," Sarah Grummett said. "It went from dejecting and rejecting our ideas to trying to actively censors us and our message and our show, to get people not to come to our show."

On the Coal from Hade's poster, the verses include descriptions condemning "men, leaving natural use of women, {burning} in their lust one toward another."


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