Tom Mulcair: NDP, Liberals Lack National Vision

The majority of Canadians seem to want an alternative to Stephen Harper.  Unfortunately, the Tom Mulcair's NDP and Justin Trudeau's Liberals are not providing Canadians with any substantive national vision in contrast with the messages of these parties in previous elections.  Both party leaders are seeking to grab attention headlines with various slogans associated to "helping the middle class" that they would likely rescind if elected, blaming the "previous Conservative government" for puttingCanada more in debts than commonly known.  In so doing, they can hen retract all the election promises and then go back to essentially "business as usual".

All three parties and even the Greens are controlled by the same clique.  It like Provigo in Quebec.  Many Quebecers probably still think that's an independentsupermarket chain as it had once been.  But it has been owed by Loblaw Companies for years. Provigo is just a marketing front.  Similarly, "Liberals", "NDP", and the "Greens" are all marketing fronts for what David Icke cheracterizes as the "big spider" that owns all of them.  I have worked in all four parties.

 All four parties are controlled by the same behind-clsed-door clique. Party leades pretend to be adversaies.  But it's a sham for the cameras.  All of the party leaders belong to the same clique.


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