Senate scandal: Harper grilled during question period

On the afternoon of May 28th, the Prime Minister was severely grilled by members of the opposition on his involvement, knowledge, and actions in response to the $90,000 cheque written by ex-chief of Staff Nigel Wright to former Conservative caucus member Mike Duffy.  NDP leader Thomas Mulcair asked a poignant question of Stephen Harper surrounding allegations that Duffy was told to keep the cheque mum by the office of the Prime Minister.

“Mike Duffy wrote in an e-mail that after being paid $90,000 he stayed silent on the orders of the Prime Minister’s Office,” Mulcair enquired.

In response, the Prime Minister rejected the idea that he had knowledge of the emails existence.

“These are not matters that I am privy to. This is an e-mail from Mike Duffy who is no longer a member of our caucus and certainly never conveyed that information to me.”

The Prime Minister’s response to this situation has unfortunately been to deflect all attention and possible knowledge of the situation away from himself.  Liberal party leader Justin Trudeau has called on Stephen Harper to release all documents pertinent to the situation, as well as encouraging the Prime Minister to make a promise he will testify under oath for a public inquiry. 

It is refreshing to finally see light being shed on scandals involving Stephen Harper’s conservative government, as there have been many scandals but no real repercussions have resulted from them. From the robo-call scandal, to MPs such as Bev Oda- the now disgraced former Conservative caucus member who told her staff to add hand-written notes to an already signed document. Canadians have quite frankly been far too forgiving of their Prime Minister.   


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