Harper government ignores Canada's farmers on Wheat Board

The Harper government is planning to kill the Canadian Wheat Board even though grain producers voted to keep it. To date the courts have blocked Mr. Harper's attempts to dismantle the Wheat Board.

The law is clear. "The government is not allowed to alter the marketing of grain without a plebiscite vote of the majority of farmers." Therefore Mr. Harper will now change the legislation so he can dismantle the Wheat Board's marketing system in spite of what Canadians want. Mr. Harper is setting the stage for big agri-food to have complete control of our food chain from the seed to what we put in our mouths.

Soon, all Canadian wheat will be GMO to benefit Monsanto instead of Canadians. Mr. Harper, with only 40% of the popular vote, does not have a constitutional mandate to change this legislation. Harper's ideological stance is on behalf of foreign food corporations, and not Canadians. This is dangerous for all of us.


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