NAU agenda: Political operatives sell-out Canada

Canada’s sovereignty is being insulted at breakneck speed. The corporate oligarchy is what is inevitably responsible for forced inoculation legislation in our countries, and maybe our complacency is also to blame. These insane laws, by the way, never come as a shock to those who are aware of the efforts that have been made to combine Canada, USA, and Mexico into one country and that agenda’s underlying motivation to further consolidate power into one global government. Dana Gabriel recently wrote about Canada’s degenerating sovereignty, noting a “U.S.-Canada perimeter security agreement” that would expand “collaboration in areas of law enforcement and intelligence sharing”.

To further illustrate sovereignty’s disintegration, as it has been repeatedly pointed out, Obama launched the war on Libya without congressional approval. For Obama, the UN’s approval was enough. No citizens in the US voted for the UN to make decisions for them. I never voted for Canada to be involved in bombing innocent Libyans. Recently, Ahmadinejad had the balls to point out the inherent flaws of the UN and many soon walked out of his speech. His talk of 9/11-truth also may have contributed. In addition, US presidential candidate Ron Paul has already talked about getting out of the UN as he sees it to be a threat to the US’s sovereignty and economic well-being. I want to preserve Canada’s national sovereignty. One threat to our sovereignty might be that we have a Prime Minister that goes to secret elite meetings. For the record, I wouldn’t mind if Canada left the UN too.

The so-called Canadian military is already integrated with the so-called US military, such that if a “terrorist attack” or “natural disaster” happens in the US, we could face U.S. military “helping” us out here and vice versa. This information slightly disturbs many of us who know that governments can now cause natural disasters and indeed do engage in false flag terrorism.

F.E.M.A. (Federal Emergency Management Agency), an entity that Ron Paul wishes to abolish, has proven itself to be completely mad, recently, when it turned down volunteer firefighters during one of the largest wildfires in Texan history. Rewinding a few years, back when Hurricane Katrina happened the area was locked down and guns were taken away from law-abiding citizens. Eventually F.E.M.A. workers admitted to how they had ambulances constantly coming to the work site just because they were so overworked and pressured to make these trailers on time. In the end, the trailers ended up being loaded with formaldehyde. F.E.M.A. also has set up concentration camps in many places in North America.

I feel sorry for anyone who proudly celebrates Canada day. There was a time in Ottawa, when you could legally spit on the sidewalk. Now that is not the case. There was a time when I could go for a bike ride without a helmet. Now, even in Halifax, I get threatened with a large fine for that. There was a time when people who smoked cigarettes could legally smoke outside at a bus-stop. Not anymore. The wind isn’t enough. A year ago I read an article that said that we have no right to have a lawyer present during an interrogation. Now our sorry excuse for a government is proposing draconian laws that say we can be taken for 3 days without even being charged with a crime.

People aren’t even allowed to have chickens in their backyards here in Halifax. This parallels absurd legislation which is assaulting food freedoms in the US. A year ago, legislation was passed in the US making it illegal for people to make jam and give it to their neighbors. They would have been fined thousands of dollars if they didn’t fill out the proper paperwork to account for this food “preparation”. Even after doing it their way, with the paperwork, a farmer is still limited to $500,000 a year, for some strange reason.

Do you think that sounds a little weird? Would you believe there was talk of fining US citizen $15 million for having a garage sale? Would you believe people are actually taken away by Child Protective Services for having their clothes in boxes or simply being vegetarians? Children all over the US are being arrested for selling lemonade . Cops ride horses inside a pub just to show you who’s boss. People are arrested and charged with life-sentences for video-taping police officers in public. People are being arrested for dancing. One woman was arrested and charged with 93 days of jail time for growing vegetables in her front garden. To be fair, the dancing thing pissed people off and a dance party successfully defied the dance ban. Similarly, grassroots backlash successfully got the charges dropped against the gardener.

It could have gone the other way. The people could have done nothing, left with their tails between their legs, and set the precedent for the taking away even more freedoms. Just because you haven’t yet had the tyranny come to your doorstep, that doesn’t mean that this tug of war isn’t constantly going on in your own backyards. People in Canada better educate themselves about what’s been going on south of the “border” because it’s a wonder that anyone, anywhere, would even think of arresting a person for dancing or for growing tomatoes or video-taping a cop. That, in and of itself, is a big statement. If you have that happening south of your border and at the same time you’re seeing the borders being destroyed, you should be asking questions. In Halifax, every bus has a sign on it proudly saying that there “may” be audio recording for our “safety”. One police officer at the G-20 in Toronto actually told a protester, “This ain’t Canada right now”.

There is hope, but not without awareness of the true magnitude of our dire situation. We still have a few crucial freedoms but we must be vigilant. We have become spoiled and we must reclaim our ability to perceive reality. We must pick our battles, go with the line of least resistance, take it one day at a time and act from the heart.

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