Tom Muclair with NDP conspires with Harper Conservatives


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MONTREAL - Thomas Mulcair has given the NDP leadership race its anti-establishment candidate, launching his bid on recently with an attack on the party brass and a vow to take it in new directions.

The NDP deputy leader is the biggest name to enter the race since former party president Brian Topp emerged as the early front-runner to replace Jack Layton.

After a career spent in the NDP's backrooms, Topp quickly amassed support from NDP luminaries such as Ed Broadbent as well as big institutional players, including several unions.

As a relative newcomer to the party, Mulcair has made it clear he will hunt for support outside the NDP's circle of traditional power-brokers.

Mulcair portrayed himself as the only candidate able to expand the party's support beyond its traditional limits and lead it into government.

He sought to illustrate that point by surrounding himself with nearly three-dozen of the party's youthful crop of MPs, after being called to the podium by a duo of NDP stalwarts from Eastern and Western Canada.

"We have a duty to reach out to all progressive forces in our society so that we can not only oppose the Conservatives, but replace them," he told a crowded community centre in Montreal.

"Let's have the courage to do things differently; let's have enough faith in ourselves to grow where we've never been before."

But what has Tom Muclair said about vital issues of sovereignty that Canadians now face.  These include the North American Security Perimeter that is tied to the NAU agenda, and a variety of other related issue.  The truth of the matter is that Muclair would not have been endorsed by the NDP leadership, if he was not willng to "play ball" with a conspiracy against our Canadian nationhood.

The NAU proceeds because of apparent sell-outs like Tom Muclair, and the rest of the NDP's leaders, who conspire with Stephen Harper and U.S. interests, behind the scences.


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