Sovereignty Canada seeks to become new political party consists of a group of Canadians who seek to inspire other Canadians to re-kindle their vision of Canada as a citadel of human rights, social justice, peace and love on our planet Earth. Sovreignty Canada also appreciate that their collective efforts to rejuvenate Canada, cannot be achieved, while our nationhood is being sold piece by piece, to the highest bidder.

Not only has the Harper government failed to affirm our vital national sovereignty. The Liberals, NDP, and even the "Greens" have been complicit in an agenda to apparently make Canadians second class citizens to U.S. interests.

Sovereignty Canada is united as members in the vision that Canada can be so much more than a colony of the United States.

Sovereignty Canada is inspired by the continued leadership of Mel Hurtig in spreading public awareness on the destruction of Canada by a fascistic political-military-industrial complex.

You are invited to watch Mel Hurtig's above video.

You can read about the destruction of Canada's sovereignty in the book entitled 'Traitors among Us' that is available on

Would you like to get more information about Sovereignty Canada?  Check out their website:


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