Canada needs to abandon its U.S. auto-industry affair

(AGORA ENCORE) -- I agree that these are very difficult economic times. Should there not be a more vigorous campaign to initiate monetary reform? To reform the Bank of Canada back to its originally-mandated, originally solely-intended purpose to be the sole creator of Canadian currency.

That vital resource could then co-finance new industries so conspicuously absent, compared to what's taking place in Japan and other places in the world - like entirely electric, electric car industry. Start by simply changing the neo-conservative, small-minded laws that have hobbled that industry and its own domestic market.

Detroit might be married to big oil, but should Canadians auto-workers continue to be engaged in a ménage-et-trois? There are plenty of other fish in the sea, as they say.

For instance, Honda and the Japanese government have recently embarked on a marriage that will deliver photo-voltaic technology to residential roof-tops, all over Japan. Honda has recently announced the birth of their spanking new photo-voltaic division, soon to be electrically-charging the entire nation of Japan with the power bequeathed to every house-hold to become primary power-producers, one and all.

I propose that we abandon our unhealthy affair with the American auto-industry, its unsavoury liaison with big-oil, and their maniacal race for a future of nuclear proliferation. Instead, we form an alliance of Canadian auto-workers and Canadian consumers, blessed with the abundance of already-proven alternative energy solutions, and the power and the wealth of the Bank of Canada, once restored to its mandated purpose, for the benefit of all Canadians, our nation, the peoples and the planet at large.

We have the knowledge to turn this disgrace into a race to be first in universal alternative energy self-sufficiency. It's not rocket-science, you know, LINK

The question remains: "do we possess the political forces. to arrest all the political corruption that keeps getting in our way", LINK

Recommended readings: The Proposed Canadian Automobile Transport and Arctic Climatic Protection Act: Toward an environmentally-sensitized and truly made-in-Canada car inspired by the Avro Arrow, by H. Raymond Samuels II ISBN: 189703623X.




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