Canadian Wheat Board must save itself says new movement

The Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) can be saved says organizers of Sovereignty Canada.  However, these organizers say: "it has become apparent that we, as Canadians, can no longer rely on our federal government to defend our human and national sovereignty together with our democratic rights."

Sovereignty Canada is a new political movement which seeks to become a Canadian political party inspired by Tommy Douglas and the Canadian Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF). You can read more about Sovereignty Canada here:

Sovereignty Canada elaborates: "Canadian Wheat Board farmers voted to keep the Wheat Board. Why can't our western Farmers who supported the CWB form their own independent co-operative or not-for-profit corporation pursuant to the Canada Corporations Act?"

The video below show just how easy it would be for the CWB to "reincarnate" itself as an independent marketing agency for Canadian farmers. It appears that the Harper government had sought to dismantle the CWB in behalf of U.S. Agri-business companies like Monsanto.

The Canadian Wheat Board Act had been amended in 1998 to pass control to western Canadian farmers. The amended Act set up a "shared governance" corporation overseen by a 15-member board of directors consisting of 10 elected farmers, four directors appointed by Ottawa and the fifth, the President and CEO, who is appointed by Ottawa in consultation with the board and only after the board has fixed the nominee's remuneration.

The board is mandated by law to "direct and manage the business and affairs of the Corporation and is for those purposes vested with all the powers of the Corporation” (Section 3.01). The CWB Act states that "(t)he Corporation is not an agent of Her Majesty and is not a Crown corporation within the meaning of the Financial Administration Act." (Section 4).


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