Bye, Bye Canada's House of Commons and U.S. Congress

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Is there an operational "North American Parliament" made up of political elites, business people, military planners, and "intellectuals" who have been meeting since 2005?

During that year, then Prime Minister Paul Martin signed with then U.S. President George W. Bush, the "Security and Prosperity Partnership" (SPP) at Waco, in the American state of Texas.

The SPP apparently founded a North American Parliament toward the so-called "North American Union" (NAU) . The video below, reportedly shows elite representatives of the North American Parliament meeting in Montreal. The Mr. Harper, NDP’s late Jack Layton, and then Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe were among the invited NAU delegates.

That secretive meeting reportedly took place in 2008. “Parliamentary” meetings have apparently continued to take place at various locations in the United States and Canada. The NAU Parliament effectively replaces the U.S. Congress and the House of Commons in Canada., as the SPP effectively replaced both the Canadian and U.S. democratically-inspired Constitutions.

In the U.S.. Congress did not have to issue a declaration of War against Libya. As of 2005, such decisions would be made in the North American Parliament. The secretive U.S.-Canada Border Pact is also an apparent decision of the “North American Parliament”.

In the Brave New World of Corporate Globalization, Parliament is there to represent elites, and not the “masses”. The SPP architects have converted the House of Commons and the U.S. Congress into a meaningless political theatre for the masses, while decision-making are being apparently made behind-closed-doors on matters of the economy, war and peace, and other areas.

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