Security Perimeter Biometrics: Tracks You from Bedroom to Toilet

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Former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau once said in 1967 that "There's no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation."  Our current Prime Minister Stephen Harper together with U.S. President Barack Obama apparently have the exact opposite belief.  These operatives of an apparent "New World Order" not only want to know when you are in your bedroom, but for how long. 

Make no mistake, the Security Perimeter presents Canadians and Americans with a fascistic Pact, designed to create a context for Totalitarian surveillance and control. elaborates that: [T]he document covers a new area: biometric tracking and identification of North American citizens. “We intend to work toward common technical standards for the collection, transmission, and matching of biometrics that enable the sharing of information on travellers [sic] in real time,” the agreement explains. The two regimes also “expect to work towards an integrated Canada-United States entry-exit system.”

The Agreement puts EVERYONE under surveillance 24 hours a day and 7 days a week who will all be monitored into a continental electronic grid.  Prospective employers who are part of "Public-Private-Partnership" will also have access to "Grid" data.

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