Border Pact puts Canadians under new U.S. National Defense Act

The U.S. Senate is moving to enact a law that would allow military troops to march on U.S. soil and arrest American citizens with no due process, no trial, no legal representation and no protection under the Bill of Rights. Americans could be thrown in secret military prisons, interrogated, tortured and held indefinitely without ever being charged with a crime.

It's all part of the new "National Defense Authorization Act" (S.1867) which features a section called the "worldwide indefinite detention without charge or trial" provision.

By joining the so-called Security Perimeter, Canadians will be also subject to America’s National Defense Authorization Act (S.1867).

The U.S. Senate is apparently rushing to get the National Defense Authorization Act (S.1867) passed to coincide with the official singing of the Security Perimeter.

In order for Canadians to get better access to Target, Canadians will be giving up all their rights to a Totalitarian State South of the Border.

Canadians will loose their rights and freedom if the apparent ‘archons’ associated with the Security Perimeter officially consolidate.  U.S. troops through NORTHCOM will have open access to round-up Canadians protesting the Tar Sands, or Canadians doing anything which undermines the ability of elites to pursue insatiable profit and power. Do we, as Canadians, want to give up all our rights and freedoms in order to have easier access to Target?

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