Border Pact, 2006 Liberal Attack Ad - U.S. troops in Canadian cities

In 2006, the Liberal under Paul Martin launched an attack ad. This ad claimed that the Stephen Harper Conservatives were seeking to put armed military troops in Canadian cities. At the time, the Liberals were vilified for taking a “cheap shot”. But, then Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin had signed the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) with then President George W. Bush in 2005. Military troops in Canada cities was an apparent signed part of the SPP plan. The commercial was not a fiction. The commercial was based on an apparent real plan that is only just officially surfacing.

Did the Paul Martin Liberals release the commercial because they had “second doubts” at having sold out Canada in 2005?

By joining the so-called Security Perimeter, Canadians will be also subject to America’s National Defense Authorization Act (S.1867).

The U.S. Senate is apparently rushing to get the National Defense Authorization Act (S.1867) passed to coincide with the official singing of the Security Perimeter.

And guess what the America’s National Defense Authorization Act will do through the Security Perimeter? It enables the Stephen Harper government to rubber stamp the deployment of U.S. troops in Canadian cities, in the name of “protecting Canadians”, in the aftermath of the chaos that elites have themselves orchestrated.

Watch the video below of the Paul Martin Liberal’s apparent “leaking” of an SPP agenda under NORTHCOM or “U.S. Northern Command”.

The Security Perimeter or “Beyond Borders” initiative is an apparent scam to place Canada under the direct totalitarian surveillance and control of “U.S. Northern Command”.


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