Water Rights: EU Trade Deal destroys Canadian public control

The Harper government is pursuing a trade deal with Europe which would surrender all Canadian control over drinking water and waterway access including ocean ports, rivers and lakes.  The "CETA" trade deal could increase water rates by more than five times.  Through "CETA" European and U.S. archons seek to profiteer from a resource that is vital to all biological life on our planet Earth.

These same European and U.S. "owners of capital" have already made water a large commercial profit centre throughout the "Third World".  Now, these archons seek to do the same in Canada.

The Council of Canadians and Canadian Union of Public Employees are releasing a briefing note on recently leaked documents related to ongoing Canada-European Union trade negotiations. 

The documents show that Canada and the provinces have failed to protect drinking water and wastewater services from trade rules that, in the current context, would encourage and lock in privatization. Harper’s message to the EU, say the organizations, is that Canada’s public water will be available for corporations to use to make a profit.

The documents, made public yesterday by the Quebec Network on Continental Integration (RQIC) and the Trade Justice Network, show Canada's initial services and investment offers to the EU in ongoing Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) negotiations. They list policy areas or sectors that the Canadian government wants excluded from the restrictions, on policy and regulation that will be imposed by this trade agreement. Water services are not on the list, which means they are automatically included in the deal.

Full of Holes: Newly leaked documents show Canada is opening the door widely to private water companies in trade negotiations with European Union. (Download as a PDF)
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APPENDIX A : Myths about public private partnerships
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