NAU agenda: Nazi-Aryan ideology inspires Security Perimeter

Big Business interests have had enough of wasting money on trying to influence elections, as well as on dealing with labour laws, human rights legislation, environmental protection, public healthcare, and on other quality-of-living issues. After all, isn't democracy "over-rated"? Wouldn't society be better if a Council of the most successful corporate entrepreneurs, and other elites controlled how matters evolve in a "survival of the fittest" oriented "North America"? This re-born North American inhabitant would be controlled by fear, that developed under a never-ending "terrorist" threat, requiring a perpetuated state of war.

Elites freed of labour laws, for example, could forge a vast industrial army of workers, who could sell their labour power "competitively", for as low as possible, without corporations being restricted by "minimum wages". Society would operate with "order", under the purposeful control and direction of "wise men", and the masses would know their place in this type of society. The masses, in the context of a new sense of 'freedom' would be "freed", from being "confused", by the operation of democracy in the U.S. or Canada.

The mantra of the envisaged new regime is that the largest corporations in Canada, the U.S., and Mexico, along with military interests, and a political clique, could do a much better job, if they formed a totalitarian-inspired government under the direction of "wise men". Well, perhaps a couple of token positions can be reserved for women who "know their place", and who do not challenge the "wise men".

This totalitarianism for now, will be disguised as "freedom" and the protection of "liberty", while North America is being transformed under the guidance of a Christian-driven political-military-industrial complex, away from the "hordes" of masses in what is now Canada, the U.S., and Mexico.

Indeed, thanks to "forward-thinking" men like former Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, and current Prime Minister Stephen Harper, along with U.S. President George W. Bush, and Mexican leadership, we are now on a timetable to achieve a North American commercial paradise.

"Wise men" are pursuing a timetable to complete the creation of the North American Super-Capitalist state by 2010. However, it is apparently hoped by NAU advocates that another 9/11-like "terrorist attack" would be advantageous to help "convince" Canadians, Americans, and Mexicans, that their lives would be better being controlled under "Big Brother", in a "Brave New World".

A guiding principle of this "Brave New World", is that 'democracy' weakens society, as affirmed by the writings of various "learned fascists", like Leo Strauss. NAU will help support successful "white Aryan Christian wise men" (with the help of some Mexicans) being able to more quickly exploit North America's natural and human resources, and to deal with the "Asian menace" of China and Japan, which threatens to displace "Aryan Supremacy".

The NAU is one closer step toward a New World Order which will be achieved through a projected merger with Europe, that will unite the white race to stand against the "inferior mongrel races" that are currently in North America, including the "Islamists", and other such races from across Africa to Asia.

See our NAU manifesto herein which was created by a "white brotherhood" of business leaders. These "wise men" have been executing an established timetable since 2005, to replace the current "inferior" form of democratic governments in Canada, the U.S., and Mexico, by no later than 2010:

NAU Aryan Nation Manifesto pdf file.


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