EU Trade Deal requires Harper call new Election

The Stephen Harper Conservatives claim they have wide public support for CETA. Yet many groups including Canadian farmers, municipal governments, environmental groups, health care advocates, and many others oppose it because of the potential for negative impacts on jobs, important regulations, local democracy and health care. Too much is at stake.

This deal is looking increasingly like a give-away, especially with a new official assessment showing GDP gains of under $6 billion by 2020. That’s half what Harper promised Canadians CETA would be worth.

European citizens are also increasingly skeptical about CETA.

Should the Harper government call an election to demonstrate their public support to the complete destruction of any amount of sovereignty that has already been destroyed by NAFTA?

Are Canadians destined to become "third class citizens" to the commercial profit making objectives of foreign capitalists and their crypto-fascistic vision of a "New World Order"?

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