Omnibus Bill: Canadians protest North American Union agenda

TORONTO -- Today, at over 80 locations across the country and counting, Canadians gathered at Conservative MP offices and supporting locations to call for 13 “Hero” Conservative MPs to stop the Budget Bill, split it, and start over.

The Budget Bill is related to the government efforts to harmonize Canadians laws with the United States which is associated with the North American Union (NAU) agenda.

Today’s action follows the June 2nd “Blackmark” Day of Action, and organizers estimate thousands of people took part in the cross-Canada rallies today, with hundreds at rallies in Halifax, Montreal and Vancouver, and a broad regional spread that included urban, suburban and rural ridings.

“We saw people from all walks of life come out today. Young and old, across political lines, and many who have never been to a demonstration before. These are people who are ready and willing to stand up for our democracy, many who have been two demonstrations in less than two weeks, and they are telling us that they want to do more,” said Jen Kuhl,’s Community Relations Coordinator.

Demonstrators were united by concerns that the Omnibus Budget Bill, Bill C-38, is eroding their democracy by wrapping changes to 70 laws together with an already controversial budget and rushing them through Parliament. Many were concerned about the gutting of environmental protections, while others focused on aspects of the Bill that would hollow out our economy and damage institutions Canadians value.

Tonight, thousands have sent photos into a 13 Heroes Online Vigil to give courage to MPs in Parliament who might stop and split the Bill. Most are sending the following message: “Heroes Defend Democracy: Stop C-38”

“The tone of the demonstrations was strikingly positive. Turn-out was up all across the country, and we heard many participants say they thought these events were the beginning of a new pro-democracy movement in Canada. People are organizing,” said Jamie Biggar, Executive Director of

All local events are being organized by volunteers who have signed up online to participate. is an intergenerational community that works for progress through democracy. For more information about, please visit

To see details of events from the June 2nd day of action, visit:

To learn more about the 13 heroes campaign visit:

To see a livestream of photos from Day of Action and Online Vigil visit


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