Security Perimeter: Liberals, NDP sew deception against Omnibus Bill

It is apparent that both the Liberals and NDP have orchestrated one of the greatest political deceptions in Canadian political history.  While Liberal and NDP elites pretend to be against the Omnibus Bill, they apparently collaborate behind closed doors on its implementation.  The Omnibus Bill is part of the Security Perimeter Deal with the United States, that in turn is part of a morphed "Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreement" that operates within an elite-planned "North American Union" Agenda.

While the leadership of the Conservatives, Liberals, NDP, and Bloc are trying their best to pretend in the House of Commons that Canada's very national existence is not being negotiated away, activists continue to expose the NAU agenda.

It was former Finance Minister and great Canadian nationalist Walter Gordon that said during a Toronto Star Forum held on 17 March 1970, that "the U.S. is an aggressive neighbour, interfering in Canada's desire to left alone to run its own business.

It is apparent that all Members of Parliament are a part of a political charade, except for maybe Elizabeth May who is the lone representative of the Green Party of Canada in Parliament.


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