Omnibus Bill confirms North American Parliament's existence

Are the Liberals, Conservatives and NDP part of a secretive North American "Parliament" that first met in Montreal in 2008?  As the late NDP leader Jack Layton was publicly criticizing the secrecy of the North American Security Perimeter talks, Mr. Layton backed by the NDP caucus, was reportedly helping to plan to the NAU. 

The current Border Pact was apparently part of that planning process that is linked to the North American Forum on Integration.  Make no mistake, this Parliament is not designed to represent Canadians and Americans.  This "Parliament" was apparently appointed by Big Business elites which in turn allegedly backs the Omnibus Bill.

In Canada, we apparently now have a Parliament with political actors who fake opposition to Bills which they have already supported.  The Omnibus Bill could have easily been stopped in any NDP or Liberal Members of Parliament presented the NAU context of the Omnibus Bill.  However, it is apparent that Canada's Members of Parliament have been bought out like the elites in John Carpenter's film "They Live" (1988). [video attached]

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