Security Perimeter: Harper, NDP fakes destroy Canada for Agenda

The Harper government along with an essentially artificial opposition in the House of Commons is now pursuing Canadas total absorption into the U.S., This is apparently to be completed through a series of measures. These include the destruction of Canada’s national institutions which is to be followed by the balkanization of the country with the clandestine sponsorship of a controlled and fakedleft-leaning New Democratic Party (NDP) along with the separatists in Quebec.

MONTREAL -- Canada has now been through two coups détats. The first of which was in 2008, when the Governor General prorogued parliament at the behest of a Prime Minister who clearly did not enjoy the confidence of the House therefore, did not enjoy the confidence of the majority of Canadians who had, in fact, invested their votes in favour of three opposition parties, whose combined strength thus outnumbered that of the governing party prior to the elections of 2010.

The second, occurred pursuant to the elections of 2010, since it has now been revealed that in over 200 ridings, large numbers of voters were misdirected by automated calls made at the behest of a company enjoying an unusually close connection to the Conservative party of Canada.

Before addressing the implications of the most recent coup détat and the opposition parties failure to address it in any meaningful way, it is important to provide a brief overview of the circumstances pertaining to the first ensconcing of an illegitimate, and thus undemocratic Government of Canada - the one brought about by the previous Governor General, who, interestingly enough, after having done her duty (to whom? One wonders), was subsequently appointed UN Special Rapporteur on Haiti a position that appears to be a recompense which also serves to provide a fig-leaf of legitimacy to the criminal overthrowing of Haitis duly elected President, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the illegal invasion of his country, and the no-less criminal planning of, and apparent participation in, the foiled attempt to have President Aristide kidnapped to, and murdered in, Central African Republic, a colony of France in all but name all of which Canada participated in, though such was clearly against morality, international law (especially the Geneva Conventions of AND Principles of International Law Recognized in the Charter of the Nürnberg Tribunal and in the Judgment of the Tribunal, 1950, to which Canada is a signatory), and Canadas national interest.

Just as the Government was to have lost a crucial vote in the Parliament relating to the budget it had been trying to ram through Parliament, the leader of the party having more seats than any single other party -i.e. Prime Minister Stephen Harper - engaged in an entirely unprecedented move.

He asked the Governor General to prorogue i.e. suspend Parliament. Interestingly enough, at that time, the opposition parties were willing to combine, such that the bogus argument relating to sparing the Canadian public the expense of another election one vigorously promoted by the corporate and government-owned media, was entirely false.* (Of course, in any case, democracy is not supposed to be commodified so the argument of the costs of subsequent elections would as a pretext for their not having been called, is in and of itself a shameful travesty of anything remotely resembling democracy.)

Amid considerable fanfare and intensely favourable media coverage, the Governor-General at the time, Michaelle Jean, rushed back to Canada from a visit to The Queen, claiming that she hastily returned In order to do my duty to my country.

Curiously enough, rather than give effect to Parliamentary democracy, Ms. Jean refused to entertain the combined oppositions proposal to form a governing coalition, though such would have been truly representative of the will of the majority of Canadians as put forth by the majority of their elected Members of Parliament.

Rather, Ms. Jean simply threw Mr. Harpers regime a lifeline, which was certainly NOT sought out of an ardent desire to preserve the country vis-à-vis extenuating circumstances such as those occasioned by invasion, famine, total stock-market crash, or anything even resembling a crisis.

The Prime Minister simply failed to elicit the support of the majority of the members of parliament. However, instead of giving effect to the majority of [the members of] Parliament - reflective as it is of the will of the majority of the People of the Country - the Governor General simply allowed an unpopular Prime Minister (whose projected draconian budget was due to have been subject to a humiliating and crushing defeat), to be spared the ignominy of defeat, and continue governing BY DECREE i.e. Order in Council, or rule by the Executive Committee the Cabinet - which, in the DEMOCRATIC, PARLIAMENTARY system of government is simply unconstitutional, and, in this case, entirely illegitimate, insofar as even the Executive Committee did not enjoy the backing of the majority of MPs.

Thus, in a carry-over to the era when oligarchs had full veto over elected legislatures in [pre-confederation] Canada, courtesy of compliant Governors-General (the very reason for the violent rebellions of 1836/37, which subsequently culminated in victory for the democrats, the enshrining of a true parliamentary democracy, and ultimately, to the establishment of Canada as an independent nation), Ms. Jean gave Royal Assent to Mr. Harpers request for prorogation. As such, a Coup detach was foisted on the Canadian people, with the full support of the corporate media and government mouthpieces in state-owned media networks, who themselves are now facing attrition as their organs of propaganda are themselves being whittled away, courtesy of severe cuts to their budgets that even jeopardize their jobs.

*Curiously, the CBCs own, Peter Mansbridge read the news relating to the request, stating that no request made for prorogation made by a Prime Minister of a Governor General was ever refused. Strangely enough, what he did not say was that no such request was ever made by a Prime Minister in a minority position, and also curiously neglected to mention that prior requests were made under extenuating circumstances, and then, only twice in Canadian history.

As such, ALL SUBSEQUENT ACTS OF LAW, AS WELL AS APPOINTMENTS MADE OR OTHERWISE ENGAGED IN, BY Mr. Harper, ARE IN FACT, AND IN LAW, illegitimate, if parliamentary democracy is to be taken into account.

Nevertheless, while it is fair to say that the Governor General allowed democracy to be overthrown in Canada, and was subsequently given a position which will serve to legitimize a U.S./French led invasion of Haiti (whose government was trying to reverse years of entrenched U.S./French-led depradations, the accompanying poverty, virtual slavery of its people, the despoiling of its landscape, widespread illiteracy, generalized lack of potable water) and it is equally fair to say that the corporate (perhaps more appropriately, corprolite?) media promoted the same, via deceptive, misleading coverage the fact that the Governor-Generals coup was successfully perpetrated, raises the questions: Whither the Opposition? and Who benefits?

Whither the opposition?

What action could the opposition Liberal party of Canada, and New Democratic Party have taken? What about the separatist Bloc Quebecois the political party devoted to having the Province of Quebec become an ethno-racially pure, French-speaking state in its own right, as separate from Canada.

Since the Coup was carried out in The Queens name, they could have made a forceful application to The Queen, to the effect that Ms. Jeans consent to Mr. Harpers prorogation constituted a dramatic reversal of the very Parliamentary Democracy to which her Great-Great Grandmother, Queen Victoria, gave effect by refusing to overrule the elected legislatures of colonial Canada in 1839 when Lord Elgin gave Royal Assent to the Rebellions Losses Bill.

Such would have put Ms. Jean and Mr. Harper in an untenable situation, particularly if Her Majesty in Right of Canada were to have referred their petition back to Ms. Jean. Such an action, coupled with a boycott of Parliament, and a nation-wide call to all supporters of the said parties, would have had particular resonance, and would have resulted in massive popular support.

Another action the parties could have undertaken, would have been a petition to the Supreme Court to hear a reference filed in the name of the majority of Parliamentarians, as to the constitutionality of the prorogation whereby a Prime Minister who failed to maintain the confidence of the House [of Commons] has his position maintained by a decree from the Governor-General.

*Even more curious, was the separatist Bloc Quebecois Partys silence on the matter, since its propagandists have long portrayed the 1836/37 rebellions as a fight for Quebec independence, and yet, this party also simply gave consent to an oligarchical manoeuvre that served to save an unpopular government from losing office. This from a party that claims to speak for the rights of Quebecers, though it was instrumental in having the otherwise unpopular so-called free trade agreement foisted upon Canadians, of which more will be said later.

Such a move could also have been coupled with a boycott of parliament and an appeal to all Canadian for support of democracy, particularly in light of the nature of the budget and the appointments (judicial to Superior/High Courts, Courts of Appeal and Supreme, The Senate, Administrative tribunals (such as those adjudicating on immigration, employment insurance, the Security Intelligence Review Committee) by which the last vestiges of Canada as a truly independent, wealthy nation, is being dispensed with so that it is becoming a carbon copy of the U.S., especially, that put forth under the Republican party thereof, from which Mr. Harper and his predecessor (Preston Manning, leader of founder of The Reform Party, which managed to effectively take over the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada, and render it The Conservative party of Canada), derived considerable direct AND indirect technical and material support.

Why did the opposition parties not engage in such acts of opposition in the face of such an egregious overthrow of parliamentary democracy?

One possible explanation could be in the fact that they, too, Liberal, Bloc Quebecois, and New Democratic Party (NDP) have been no less instrumental in the absorption of the Canadian state into the Manifest Destiny and under U.S. hegemony as per the Monroe Doctrine.

In the NDPs case, it saw fit to effectively support the US-backed, Brian Mulroney during the 1988 elections, which, courtesy of the Liberal Party of the day headed by John Turner, were held largely as a referendum on Free Trade. Two weeks into the election campaign, the NDP, headed at the time by Ed Broadbent, abruptly turned against John Turner rather than forging an alliance with the Liberals.

It later turned out that the supposedly pro-labour, pro little guy Broadbent engaged the U.S. political consulting firm, Fingerhut Madison, and , subsequent to the 1988 elections, received what appears to have been a gift he was named head of the Centre for Rights and Democracy, a centre that was created immediately following those elections, which brought the free trade agreement into effect, and by which Canada effectively ceased to be independent, as its assets were subject to leveraged buyouts. Be that as it may, however, the number of seats delivered to the Liberal and NDP parties were such, that Mulroney would not have formed the government following the 1988 elections, absent the Province of Quebec.

IN fact, the separatists role in securing a Mulroney victory was critical to the Free Trade Agreements coming into effect. The entirely pro-U.S, scandal-plagued Mulroney administration was able to marshal the entire Quebec establishments support one year prior to the elections having been held, by vigorously promoting a series of constitutional amendments which would have balkanized the country, while enshrining the separatist Party Quebecois project of sovereignty-association, by which the province would have full powers of nation-statehood, would have had a blanket exemption from the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, especially where minority rights are concerned, while its money supply would have been guaranteed by the Canadian federal government.

Mulroney, who had placed Quebec separatists to cabinet ministries, as the vast majority of his members of parliament from Quebec were, in fact, separatists, simply reiterated the old separatist lie, that Quebec was left out of the constitution of 1981 and that Trudeau imposed the charter of rights on Quebecers* in his claim that he was thus going to correct an historical injustice. Of course, his constitutional gamble served as a convenient smokescreen covering up the magnitude of the Free Trade Agreement, whose impetus came from Richard Allen, Ronald Reagans National Security Advisor, who noted the importance of securing Canadas energy reserves and other resources water being among them.

As if acting on cue, the separatists, together with the corporate press (which hyped up the constitutional amendments put forward by Mulroney, without bothering to present detailed examinations thereof to the public), the big-business lobbyists, and both, the so-called Liberal government of Quebec (headed at that time by Robert Bourassa, who himself was, in fact a separatist sympathizer and promoter of the constitutional accord), AND the avowedly separatist Parti Quebecois set about having Mulroneys proposed constitutional amendments front and centre of the publics attention, while the secretive talks between Mulroneys government and the U.S were being held over the issue of Free Trade, of which, at Mulroneys demands, all records relating to the said talks all 5 CUBIC Feet thereof, were shredded.

IN any event, the Liberal party of Canada, headed by John Turner effectively used its majority in the Senate to prevent the Free Trade Agreement from coming into effect absent an election call, thereby forcing Mulroney to call an election on the issue.

In 9 provinces, the Free Trade issue was the focal point of the election, whereas, in Quebec, it was the constitutional reforms that served as the basis for the election campaign. Thus, Mulroney was able to form a government on the strength of the Quebec vote the only other province to have elected a majority of conservatives was Alberta, and the number of seats from that province would not have sufficed for Mulroney to have won a majority government. Quebec, with its 75 seats in the House of Commons, gave him a hefty majority, and the free trade agreement was then brought into effect.

It is, however, worthy of note that Jean Chretien, who had been eyeing the Liberal leadership and who was defeated by John Turner in the previous leadership bid, actively undermined Turner during the height of the election campaign, and that Chretien, as Prime Minister after Mulroney, simply followed ALL of Mulroneys policies, and even went several steps further in selling Canada to US interests. It is also interesting to remember that Ed Broadbents NDP turned to attacking Turner while steadfastly refusing Turners calls for the forging of an effective alliance by which NDP candidates would not have faced opposition from Liberals in ridings in which they were strong, and vice-versa.

The Free Trade Agreement having been achieved, Mulroney set about having his defeated constitutional proposals resurrected, and again played brinksmanship. Like the first one, it was vigorously criticized by Trudeau, who was, of course, still alive at the time, and was able to debunk it point for point. His legal arguments were unassailable, so Mulroney and the corporate press resorted to cheap personal attacks, but that only strengthened Trudeaus arguments, as the Mulroney camps absolute bankruptcy became that much more manifest.

Curiously, Jean Chretien who had, by this time, managed to wrest the leadership of the Liberal Party from John Turner, also declared himself to be in favour of the constitutional amendments put forward by Mulroney, and also got his supporters and MPs to do likewise, thereby officially adopting a rebuking of the constitution which served as one of the main bases of the elections Trudeau had called in 1981.

In any event, fortunately, the country was spared absolute balkanization as the public was swayed by Trudeaus arguments, AND in one province, Manitoba, the legislature could not even vote on it, as such a vote required the entirety of the legislature to be in favour of holding the vote, and one of its most stellar members, Elijah Harper, who hailed for a First nations community, refused to agree to having that vote held in the Manitoba legislature.

However, a group of separatists in Mulroneys cabinet, led by Lucien Bouchard, formed the Bloc Quebecois, a party that was committed to both, sitting in the Canadian Parliament AND having Quebec separate from Canada. Interestingly enough, the same Bouchard criss-crossed Latin America promoting the use of the US dollar as the currency for the entirety of North and South America.

To return to the present state of affairs in Canada, the NDP has supplanted the Liberal Party of Canada as the official opposition. Its leader, Thomas Mulcair, has publicly renounced the pursuit of its very founding principles those which led Tommy Douglas* to succeed JS Wordsworth - a democratic socialist government that promotes peace and justice at home and abroad. There has also been allegations circulating within the NDP to the effect that Mulcair himself got the leadership through vote-fraud. Indeed, Mr. Mulcair has simply followed the US led agenda as far as international affairs are concerned. Nowhere is this more evident than in Syria, but the NDP also failed to oppose the war against Yugoslavia, Iraq, and more recently i.e. during Mulcairs leadership - Libya, while he has actively called for a withdrawal of Canadian diplomats from Syria and Syrias expulsion from Canada.

The Liberal Party is in search of a leader, and the Bloc Quebecois was thoroughly defeated largely by the NDP onslaught, which was in and of itself, vigorously promoted by the corporate media.

As for Quebec, the Liberal-in-name provincial government headed by former Mulroney cabinet minister, Jean Charest, whose close rapport with former CIA Director General George Bush Sr. has been mentioned in the media (albeit on rare occasion), has reacted with great violence and draconian measures in response to student protests within the province. His reaction has served to bolster separatist parties the Parti Quebecois is now not alone among these, there is a more socialist party that is also separatist.

The Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) was founded by Wordsworth, and later led by Tommy Douglas. The social programmes for which Canada had been the envy of the world were instituted by Tommy Douglas who had been premier of Saskatchewan . He later led the party nationally, and it was later renamed the NDP.

As such, if the outrightly separatist parties win the next provincial elections, the Mulcair-led NDP is likely to call for a set of constitutional amendments along the lines of those put forth by Mulroney in the eighties.

At that point, current Prime Minister Stephen Harper will trumpet the fact that it was HIS party that offered the same to all Canadians, thereby giving them the chance to lay the separatist menace to rest, and will, in all likelihood have Mulroney come out from the proverbial woodwork, in order to reiterate the importance of such an historical move that was thwarted by the evil, Liberal, Pierre Trudeau. (Interestingly enough, according to media reports, Harper has sought Mulroneys counsel)

The balkanization of Canada will be inevitable in the event that the Liberal Party continues to espouse these amendments, a fate very much in the offing if Pierre Trudeaus son, Justin, takes over the Liberal partys leadership, a position to which it appears he is being groomed, precisely for the rich symbolism his support for such amendments will generate.

Since he lacks fathers mastery of both, constitutional law and politics, he will be subject to a coterie of advisors, such as the openly pro-US Pierre Pettigrew (who also played a role in the invasion of Haiti and Canadas participation in the Iraq and Yugoslavia wars), and the pro U.S., pro-Zionist Bob Rae.

As Liberal Leader, Justin Trudeau will most probably be advised to support the constitutional amendments, and to espouse the same as being necessary. In order to promote this total reversal of everything his father stood for, the younger Trudeau will be advised to tell the Liberal party faithful AND Canadians in general, that his father opposed similar reforms at a particular point in history, but that societies evolve, they change, and as such, Canadian society has changed, whereby such constitutional amendments are, indeed, necessary. No doubt, he will follow such advice.

IF these circumstances do come to pass, not only will the United States have succeeded in taking over Canada materially, but it will have succeeded in weakening the national fabric to such an extent that it will be impossible for a subsequent government to undo the damage, as the provinces will be given control over the vast majority of matters falling under the purview of the so-called free trade agreements Canada signed with the U.S., and ugly ethno-nationalism that is the driving force behind Quebec separatism, will have free reign in the province, whose vast reserves of fresh water were long coveted by the US*, to the same extent as the strategically vital St-Lawrence seaway trade route, and of course, other minerals, and natural gas, whose vast deposits are dangerous to extract from a health and environmental standpoint.

The demise of a nation, Canada, will have been achieved! Manifest destiny will have been accomplished, and the Monroe Doctrine will have been enshrined over the northern half of the hemisphere.

(*) In fact, the North American Water and Power Alliance, NAWAPA set up as far back as 1972 pursuant to Lyndon Johnsons convening of a panel of US scientists to study US water. Quebecs northern waters were thus due to be exported as far south as California and Arizona courtesy of NAWAPA. NAWAP is now being championed by the Larouche movement, and this author personally met a person whose company was set up precisely to export Quebec water to the US via pipelines at a very pro-US conference held in Montreal. When this author informed Mulcair of this firms existence, he dismissed it as impossible, saying he knows everything to do with the export of water, which he publicly claimed to oppose.


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