Anti-social behaviour undermines careers

Some career-related mistakes at work can only be seen when you start to develop the wisdom after having worked many years in the working world.

These are not the common mistakes people make like sending the wrong emails, and saying the wrong things. These to me are just the symptoms of what happens when you do not base your actions at work on solid principles.

There are some flaws at work that can be avoided when you are conscious and have a compass that guides you.

1. Following Fads and Trends

Do you follow too much trends and fads that is out there about the minutest things? From the latest technological gadget you need to have or the latest management or work fad? Learn to stay true to solid principles of work regardless of how medium changes and generation changes. There are some unchanging truths about work that will remain the same through the ages. Learn to trust yourself on these no matter how hard it is to follow these principles – like hard work.

2. Giving in to Greed and Selfishness

Solid ethics keep you grounded when the temptation to take short cuts and get rich or famous presents itself. Do not give in to supposed ways of a short cut or easier ways to do things. Whatever that is worth having is worth working for. Learn to know what is right and what is wrong and do not always rationalize that “I am OK.” If this world functions at that level, the whole system will collapse. Care about those around us like colleagues and business associates. Business is not always and does not have to be a dog eat dog world. This is one of the many flaws at work.

3. Misusing Your Tongue and Mouth

Of the many flaws at work, misusing your tongue and mouth probably hurts others the most. Do you use very destructive language? Do you speak with two tongues? Do you spread gossips and tell lies? Limit all these. Better yet, learn the wisdom of how things can catch up with you once these words are out of your mouth. Even if others do it and you end up a victim, by you continuing it does not make it right. Learn to clarify instead of retaliating and starting your own little ‘campaign’ against those lies. It can crash you.

4. Judging Others

It is better to focus on yourself and making yourself good than waste time judging others. Worst still is wasting time convincing people that you are right and the way you are doing things is right. There is no need to judge others, it is better to focus on making yourself good at what you do.

5. Letting Your Emotions Take Over

I am talking about negative emotions like anger, jealousy and envy. When you let these emotions take over, you cannot stay true to yourself and judge things in an objective manner. Your decisions will be flawed because you no longer see things clearly. This is one of the many flaws at work.

6.You, You, You

Your ego will remain one of the biggest contributors to your flaws at work. Always wanting to be right, wanting to be the greatest even when things are wrong or you have made a mistake will lead you down the road of destruction. Learn to be authentic, real and sincere. When you are able to do that, you get to learn a lot more, be a lot wiser and objective. Think more “us” and “we” and see how work can make you an even better person.

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