Job Youth Centres Cut: Harper government denies access

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Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) is discontinuing the Service Canada Centres for Youth.

These centres are open on a seasonal basis and there are proximately 300 in Canada. They are meant to be an extension of the Service Canada Centres and offer services specifically to youth. In addition to providing seasonal employment to youth, the Service Centres offer important employment services.

The government is claiming that the use of these Service Centres has diminished greatly and claims that an "enhancement" of online service will be sufficient to provide Canada's youth with the employment services they need. We know, however, that a website cannot replace a real person that provides advice on how to write a resumé and perform well in an interview.

This move could not come at a worse time. We are living in difficult economic times and youth face mounting challenges including high unemployment and the rising costs of post-secondary education. Instead of reducing services available to youth looking for work, the government should be investing money into creating jobs for students and into services that help them gain employment in their communities.

The Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) is campaigning to get Human Resources Minister Diane Finley to continue to run Service Canada's seasonal youth employment centres.

-- Send a letter to Human Resources Minister Diane Finley: keep Service Canada Youth Centres open

HRSDC intends to discontinue this service in favour of expanded online service offerings. But, as CFS leader Roxanne Dubois points out "a website cannot replace a real person that provides advice on how to write a resumé and perform well in an interview."

Dubois argues that now, as the youth employment hits rate a 14 year low, is not the time to be making it harder for young people to find work. We agree. Please support this student led campaign to protect the public services PSAC members provide. Send a letter to Diane Finley.



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