Careers: Generation Y lacks commitment

Generation Y has a reputation of landing the job, working hard, and quitting within a couple years. There have been various studies on these young adults and how, as a whole, they are not looking for the same job security as their parents once did. In a world that's rapidly changing, with technology being outdated in merely months, are these young folks really the lazy people they've been labelled as, or are they simply just a product of the times?

Delving a little deeper here, much of the older generation is becoming increasingly alarmed and disgusted with these free spirited young ones. "Older generation" being the booming population -- the parents of generation Y, who were raised in a completely different time. That's the key there: Different time. Due to the fact that a different set of elements were at play in their tender years of early adulthood, the Baby Boomers truly believe success to be job security and wealth. They question whether the youth have the work ethic to take over the running of the world. However, in a basic history review it becomes clear that each generation in fact, goes through their slightly daunting, if not a little wacky "coming out", and the older generations take a moment to share their stories of the good old days and predict the rotting future of our planet. It's unlikely that the world will end with one generation's lack of stability in a career.

However, parents are going to be concerned for their children regardless, particularly when they see the majority of them are taking their education for granted, dropping out of school, and lazing about in the basement with their only long-term goal to win the latest video game. Parents want security for their children the only way they knew it to come to them: by working hard and locking themselves in a good job with a solid pension.

Now let's kick it back to reality -- The young men and women of today don't believe in pensions anymore than they believe in unicorns. With the feeble ground they've seen other retirement funds falling through, it's no doubt they've swayed. Pair that with the fact that most of generation Y, as children, have been faced with the dooming reality of parental divorce, it's no wonder there is a lack of invested energies in security among the young adults. It's a myth, a tender illusion they already see through. The young adults of today are people who have been told one thing and given another their entire lives, juggling two families and playing the game between lonely parents at separate dinner tables. The foundation of everything they've become is more or less unstable, isolating, and ever changing.

What's more, in analysing the basic trends in the last twenty years, it's effortless to observe that the world has not been a slow place for the Y generation. They don't know the concept of "Sunday's off". New technology was - and is - being replaced within months, and even their home life was rapidly moving and shifting with the weekly back and forth between households. Ever changing is the only way the youth have known this world, so why indeed would they be looking for a career that wasn't? It's doubtful in fact, that they believe it exists. The feeling of doing one thing for the rest of their lives to them is frightening.

Not to say that North America's young adults are jilted, but they really do have a lack of faith in the honesty of mankind. They've spent their biggest mental growth spurts under the impressionable weight of negative media and false advertised promises. The world has literally been one promise after another, completely unfulfilled for these people. And if one is exposed solely to this type of experience, it is unreasonable for them to conclude a different outcome later in life when they get a job. They don't believe in the stability of work.

Another thing to consider is that things are available more so than ever before. As youth, generation Y was being showered with all things immediate and instant. This does nothing for developing patience for a future work place, nor does it teach them the ability to earn what they have through hard work.  Particularly among the youth who had guilty parents, with either both of them working or going through a divorce, they've understood the world to be a place of constant and immediate gratification. Gifts were being poured on them. If anything, the older generation has created a feeling of self entitlement among the young adults. So why would they stay in a job that was unsatisfying for two out of five days a week, which is likely to happen in any career, when surely there is a job out there that would bring them constant happiness; after all, they've never had to face the dank emotion of discontent. Any unhappiness was quickly masked with a new gift in their life. It would therefore be reasonable for them to believe they are entitled to work a job that they enjoy. (Which is a sad cycle as they have zapped attention spans and will soon be unhappy in every job they work, whether it's one they initially enjoyed or not.) 

And that leads perfectly into a secondary flaw of this nature. In a world that cries, "More, more, more!" the young adults of today do not share that simple gratitude to be employed as their parents. There's a different attitude towards their lives; one where life should be better, easier, and richer.

And then there's the aspect of university prices to consider. Is it the fact that prices are higher than ever? Or that the prospect of being caged in a musty class room, with a foreign professor, with no hope for a job after graduation, along with immense debt that deters the young adults? Match that with the younger aged youth heading out to university (because OAC no longer exists) and you have seventeen year old infants marching into thousands of dollars of debt with not a clue in the world of what they want to do with their life. Wouldn't you be daunted too?

There is much to consider when looking at the young adults rapidly changing jobs in our rapidly changing world. Is it the divorced parents? The media and technology? The university prices? It would seem that there are many influences that have impacted the generation that is now transitioning to take over the world. Surely it is clear, that the hot potato game they play with their jobs is yet another constantly shifting aspect of their lives. It definitely seems plausible that these young humans are simply a product of the times.


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