Jobs people will hate you for!

You might find your job to be a little bit of a drag (You might even be shirking your job in order to read this post for all I know!) You might be so dissatisfied as to say you actually HATE your job. I hope you don't but if this is the case – you can take solace that you don't have one of the occupations below as your job as they are magnets for ill wishes and contempt from the general public. If it turns out you actually DO work in one of these job sectors then I would love to hear from you about whether the stereotypes are actually true about encountering a lot of hate from complete strangers simply because of your job!

Financial Loaner

Traditionally the loan master has been seen as a tyrant who becomes a ruthless black hole of greed should you ever fall into arrears. Personally my mind flashes to the miserly behaviour of characters such as Scrooge from the classic Dicken's tale. Although I guess the modern loan business is not so bad, the explosion of the internet means you can apply online for a loan and never actually meet face to face with the person. So if you're working for somebody like Wonga or Quick Quid that operate exclusively through websites then you don't need to worry about people discovering your occupation and pelting you with eggs and tomatoes, lucky you!


To be fair with the lawyer one – I have no doubt that the people you save from jail will in fact LOVE you. But I'm speaking in general here. Lawyers endure a pretty awful stereotype of heartless suits who skip over their own flimsy view of personal morality (if they even have any, the heathens!) in order to represent those of us on trial. Of course you can argue that our judicial system is founded on the principle that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and in this sense it takes a special kind of professional to treat every client the same and represent them equally in court. It's a shame they are judged so harshly for their ability to suspend their personal judgements but at the same time I totally understand that lawyers serve as convenient fodder as the embodiment of humanity's greed and selfishness. (All in good fun of course!)

Parking attendant

I'm trying to be unbiased in this list to represent each occupation fairly... but I have to admit it has been a struggle with the parking officer, simply because I have been burned by them so many times! I wouldn't mind if I am clearly violating the parking laws in some way but the amount of tickets I have received for a phantom crime are mind boggling. I feel it's often the perceived behaviour of these employees that results in people disliking them. For example – I have seen with my own eyes a parking attendant hover around a 'hot spot' for tickets like some kind of vulture. The parking spot is not clearly defined and falls into the grey area of an urban centre – as a result it catches many people per day. Rather than elect to improve the parking signs around this area the attendant is happy to continually milk the same spot and screw people out of their hard earned cash. I don't know if they're paid per ticket issued or what, but it sure feels that way!


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