Ultimate Car Tips That Jack The Best Deals

Let’s face it – no one wants a bad deal on their new car. Getting a bad deal is like getting a zit before the big dance, and you don’t want that to stick with you for the rest of your life. But, a bad deal can stick with you forever or at least for a very long time. After all, how often do you go out and buy a new motor? Exactly, so getting it right at the first time of asking is essential, even if the process is difficult. The great thing is you can simplify the process to ensure you always get a good deal. All you have to do is take a look at the tips below.

Wait, Wait… Strike!

For reasons unknown to most people, the process of buying a car is frightening. When you walk into the dealership, there is a feeling that mimics walking into the lion's’ den. It is like you don’t belong there, the sales reps know it, and they are ready to tear you to pieces. As a result, there is an urge to leave as soon as possible. If that means accepting a bad deal, so be it. Obviously, this is the worst way to approach buying a car. In simple terms, it means you will buy anything they put in front of you because you feel uncomfortable. Whether you feel uncomfortable or not, there is no excuse for acting without thinking. The trick is to wait for your moment and then strike. If that means going back looking for deals or bargaining with the reps, that’s what it takes.

Don’t Go To The Dealerships

To avoid bad decisions, it is important to stay away from the dealerships. Although it is hyperbolic, they are like a den of lions, or so it feels. The thing is, you don’t need to enter the den if you don’t want to. Thanks to the internet, there is no need to ask salespersons for their listings. All of the listings are on websites that are available through any decent search engine. You can even find them with the help of some bad ones, too. The point is that the information is readily available, and it is only a click of a button away. There is no need to test your temptation or put yourself in harm’s way when you can use the cyber highway as your shield.

Knowledge Is Power

At some point, you will have to go to a dealership. You don’t want to buy a car online because you need to do some checks, plus you don’t want to risk of buying it from an unreliable source. When you do go to the dealership, it is important to arm yourself with a weapon – knowledge. Sales reps love to use jargon and sales techniques to fool you into a bad deal. For example, they’ll start off at an unusually high price and work their way down to the retail price. To the average person, it seems like a good deal and they jump at the chance. If you know the average price of the car in question, you will know when they are pulling the wool over your eyes. In fact, you can find out all of their tricks with a little research. They love people who don’t understand the process, so they’ll hate you!

Take A Friend

You might not feel like it is your field of expertise even with the facts in your corner. That’s fine because it is a niche area. What is important in this scenario is that you understand your weaknesses and take measures to make them stronger. One way to do this is to take a friend when visiting the dealership. A friend with knowledge is a powerful tool because they can negotiate on your behalf. Afterward, they can tell you whether they think it is a good or a bad deal, and you can use their advice in your final decision. A word of advice – opt for a second opinion. Even if you trust the person, it is vital to validate their opinion with another. That way, you know the advice they offer is concrete.


Just because you have the cash doesn’t mean you should pay up front and in full. And, just because you don’t have the finance doesn’t mean you can’t get a good deal. The truth is there is a good deal on the table for everyone – you just have to figure out which one suits you best. As such, it is important to look at your finances to find out which one you need. A few interesting facts about dealers are they give the best deals to the people with the best credit, and they don’t always promote this fact. So, when you see a deal, it might not apply to depending on your credit score. If you have a high score, you can use this to your advantage in negotiations. For those that don’t, it is best to avoid finance deals as they can be expensive. Instead, look into repayment schemes that won’t break the bank, like leasing. Or, use cash to bring down the monthly payments so that you pay less. Be smart – pay smart.

Stay Strong

The final part of buying a car is thrashing out the details. This is the part where people start to soften and make mistakes. A big mistake is letting the sales rep dominate the conversation, for example. What most buyers don’t realise is that they are in charge. Yes, you! You are in charge! They desperately want your business because they need the sale and commission. You have the power to take it all away, and it frightens them to their core. A good negotiator never lets the rep know what they are thinking, and they certainly don’t let them take control. Be tough, be tough read, and leave with a great deal.

A good deal isn’t a pipedream. In your case, it is your reality with the help of these tips.


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