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Worker abuse continues in Canada in spite of labour laws

Society has rallied against the evil of wife abuse, child abuse and even animal abuse, yet it remains oblivious to the most pervasive type of abuse in society, namely worker abuse. Consider the following facts, drawn from an analysis of the Statistics Canada publication "Financial & Taxation Statistics for Enterprises, 2009" Catalogue# 61-219-X, Tables 2.1 :

In Canada, in 2009, corporations purchased 84% of the goods and services that were produced in the corporate sector. Workers, who actually created the goods and services while at work, could only afford to purchase, after taxes, 8.3% of the total production. The remaining 7.8% of the production went to people who were not directly involved in the production process at all. This category includes the government and all those who receive government benefits, grants or transfers, plus non-corporate entities who receive interest and dividends from corporations.

Only 8.3% of the total wealth that was created in the corporate sector went to the workers who actually created it. Clearly this is worker abuse, and it is pretty damn close to outright slavery.

Here are some other interesting facts about how the Canadian labour market has changed since 1976, taken from the Statistics Canada publication "Canadian Economic Observer, Historical Statistical Supplement 2010/11" Catalogue# 11-210-X, Tables 2.1-1 and 2.1-2 :

The percentage of the labour force working in part-time jobs has increased from 12.5% to 19.4%
The percentage of the labour force working in manufacturing has decreased from 19.1% to 10.2%
The percentage of the labour force producing goods has decreased from 34.6% to 21.9%
The percentage of the labour force producing services has increased from 65.4% to 78.1%

In 2010, 17.3% of the labour force, between the ages of 20 and 64, was not working at all.

When Canada runs out of the natural resources that we export, which sustain our imports of manufactured goods, which are crucial to keep the service sector going, then the game is over and our country will be out of business. "Free Trade" is liquidating our natural resources, decimating our manufacturing capacity and leading us towards economic bankruptcy. If we don't start a national manufacturing program that uses our remaining natural resources wisely to create our own value-added manufactured goods and create higher paying full-time jobs, then Canada's future will indeed be bleak.

Corporations and our governments are robbing us blind. Please, wake up and join the fight to stop Worker Abuse.


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