Xcheaters.com: Top 10 Cheaters in Sports History

Sportsmen don’t always play fair – both on and off the field. Here’s a little low-down on the off-field cheaters who have scandalised their fans with their between the sheets shenanigans!

1.  Tiger Woods

Of course, Tiger has to top our list. Apart from cheating on his hot wife with an equally hot lust-interest, he managed to entertain the world thanks to his wife’s antics. Well, she wasn’t actually pleased about it was she?

2. Ronaldo

Ronaldo and Paris Hilton made headlines with their hot and horny public behaviour. Ronldo was celebrating his transfer to Real Madrid – a rather expensive deal to say the least. We think we can guess what happened in private! What a pity that Ronaldo was in a relationship at the time.

3. David Beckham

His former (ahem) personal assistant Rebecca Loos has a tale to tell about the four months in 2004 when Posh decided to try the music career in the UK again while Becks stayed in Madrid. The Beckhams have denied the affair, but Rebecca says that she could describe certain parts of David’s anatomy in detail if required.

4. Ashley Cole

Ashley cheated while he was very, very drunk. One can feel quite sorry for him because he allegedly threw up twice whilst… er…. ‘Romping’ as the Brits would term it. Or should we feel sorry for his cheat partner instead?

5. Shayne Warne

The Aussie cricketer would certainly have liked to have cheated with Donna Wright. One has to wonder what happened between them, since the rather dirty messages Warne sent would not usually have been addressed to a woman one hasn’t slept with.

6. Mike Tyson

His cheat partner wasn’t exactly willing. In fact, to put it plainly, it was rape. Enough said!

7) Dennis Rodman

Despite his long-term relationship, Dennis seems to have a penchant for waitresses. They don’t always appreciate his advances, which is how we know about it!

8) Kobe Bryant

The NBA star must have been more than a little rough with his ‘cheat’. She laid sexual assault charges against him, later dropping them in exchange for a settlement.

9) Keven Pietersen

The South African cricketer dumped his cheat via SMS and later suffered the wrath of a woman scorned when she sold her story to the newspapers.

10) Mike Gatting

The Aussie cricketer’s fling with a barmaid made headlines despite his denials. If it weren’t for the fact that cricket is his game, we’d say that he was caught ‘offside’!


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