Top 15 Ways Ladies Flirt that Men Don't Notice

Men aren’t always sure of how to interpret, or even notice the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) ways that ladies flirt. According to, research has shown that 90% of amorous relationships are initiated by the women, who use conscious and unconscious tricks to appear more attractive.

1. Eye contact

She catches the eye of a man she likes. Their eyes meet. She holds the gaze for a few seconds and then looks away.

2. Smile

She smiles – not a huge grin – just the flicker of a smile that’s often almost imperceptible.

3. Posture

A seated woman will straighten her back, emphasizing her breasts. If she is standing up, she tilts her hips seductively.

4. Leg crossing

A seated woman will cross her legs, consciously or unconsciously drawing attention to them. If her legs are already crossed, she may settle into her chair again, re-crossing her legs in the process.

5. Playing with her hair

It’s not particularly seductive, but women unconsciously tend to play with their hair when they see a man they fancy.

6. Primping

Women want to look their best when they’re interested in a man, so they run off to the bathroom and spend a while re-applying their lipstick and checking their appearance.

7. Laughing

Finding the mildest jokes hilarious is a sign that a woman is flirting.

8. Showing off

This flirting habit can be more or less appealing depending on what the woman thinks might impress the object of her interest.

9. Compliments

One tends to notice people who admire one. Women use this trick in flirting.

10.  Text messages

Nowadays, if a woman is thinking of a man, she can send him a text.

11. Gum chewing

It could be a nervous reaction, a wish to freshen the breath or an attempt to appear casual, but vigorous chewing is often a sign of flirting.

12.  Frequent touching

When women are attracted to men, they tend to touch them more frequently in the course of a normal conversation. For example, she might touch the man’s hand or arm lightly.

13 ‘Accidental’ body contact

Of course, it might really be an accident, but if it happens more than once, it is probably deliberate.

14. Touching herself

A woman who strokes her neck or her thigh is trying to draw attention to her body. She wants the man she is flirting with to notice her and think her sexy.

15. Slightly parted lips

A tendency to pout subtly and to part or moisten the lips, is a come-on.

Some women employ these tricks with just about everyone, so men still have to be careful – realising that a woman is flirting is only the beginning. However, if a woman is doing some or all of these things, the chances of getting a date and possibly more are on the cards.


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