Amolatina: Top 10 Tips on How to Spot a Scam Dating Site

With more and more people migrating to the various online dating sites to try and find a soul mate there, it has led to the creation of numerous scam dating sites. These sites have made the whole idea of online dating which was once a very good dating alternative to be seen nowadays as a huge risk to take. The idea of online dating sites no longer appeals to a lot of people. provides arguably one of the very best dating services to their users but here are the top 10 tips on how to spot a scam dating site;

Check the terms and conditions agreement section: The Terms and Conditions section happens to be one of the areas that are often neglected by users. However, carefully going through the Terms and Conditions of a particular online dating site helps in providing you with an insight into what to expect from the site operators. It is therefore very necessary to carefully go through the Terms and Conditions of any online dating site you decide to sign up on.

Authenticity of the site: A lot of people are fond of taking things for granted when it comes to signing up on any online dating site and this has always created avoidable problems for such people. Online dating sites, just like any other business entity, are expected to have the legal backing of the law. It is this law that allows them to be in operation and render its services to users and so one should always find out if a particular online dating site he or she wants to sign up on is recognized by law or not.

The kind of users on the site: This is a very important tip that can also give you the heads up when you are about to sign up on such a site since most of the scam dating sites always possess the ‘perfect user profiles’. Everything about the users on such a site is glamorous and without any blemishes. Such a site should always pinch you to think twice in order not to release any financial details to them.

The dating services: It is a known fact that online dating sites simply provide dating-related services to their users. However, those sites that are simply out there to scam you always seem to be the ones that promise of providing you with the best and unmatched dating services.

Security: All the authentic dating sites always do their best to provide their users with the highest level of security whenever online. However, this is not the case with those sites as they are just out there to swindle you of your money. This means that they do not employ the best security measures.

User reviews: Previously, people always kept silent whenever they got scammed by an online dating site and simply complain to their close friends and relatives. However, things have taken a different turn these days as people have now decided to register their displeasure by leaving negative remarks. It is therefore very important to always check out the kind of user reviews that have been left by users which will give you a better idea of what you are in for.

Sign up process: In order to sign up on a particular online dating site, there are always certain basic things to do before having your site approved. However, the fake online dating sites always make the whole process of creating an account very easy.

Site restrictions: In order for a person to become eligible to undertake online dating activities, an individual is expected to have reached a certain age. This is a restriction that all the authentic dating sites like have. However, those sites that are out there just to scam you allow people below the required age limit to even register.

Inconsistent site content: Scam online dating sites also most often have site content that appear very inconsistent and contradictory.

Wrong location details: Another tip on how to spot a scam dating site is the freedom with which users are allowed to choose a location that is different from where he or she is currently residing.

Holistically adhering to these 10 tips on how to spot a scam dating site will help in keeping you safe from all those scammers out there.


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