What Qualities Do We Seek in the Opposite Sex?

What is it that attracts women to men, and what traits of a lady can make her irresistible? Today, there is no better source of reliable data than psychology studies. Luckily, humans have conducted enough experiments to understand at least the basics of romance. This article will be useful to box sexes, and we hope you heed our advice.

Today, connecting to singles is easily done with dating networks and apps. Create a profile, upload a few photos, and you're all set. To learn how to choose a site wisely, check Wellhello review here or credible user feedback. However, you need to know which personality traits to accentuate. This is when science will come in handy.

Women’s Perspective

What women want…  we all remember that blockbuster comedy starring Mel Gibson. However, do you really need supernatural powers to understand female needs? You could simply work on developing the positive traits listed below.

Of course, if you won the genetic lottery, you may count yourself lucky. Plain-looking gentlemen, however, still have a chance. Moreover, according to a 2016 study by Daniel Farrelly and his colleagues, less attractive men improve their appeal by being altruistic. This is especially true for long-term relationships, as the quality is associated with good parenting potential. Handsome males, on the other hand, are often preferred for flings. However, it does not mean you can forget about the gym, sit back and grow a beer belly.

2. A sense of humor is an advantage

Good jokes can make you seem more intelligent. The finding is hardly surprising, as you need quick wit to crack relevant and funny jokes. This is particularly true for complex forms of humor. In 2011, the Intelligence journal published a study whose title says it all: “Humor ability reveals intelligence, predicts mating success, and is higher in males”.

3. Show off your status

According to findings from a 2014 issue of The Journal Of Evolutionary Psychology, females choose candidates who pose in front of luxury cars or apartments, possibly because this communicates wealth. However, the same factor does nothing to enhance female attractiveness.

4. Do not be too approachable

While older studies concluded that we like those who like us back, researchers now find that "playing hard to get" is actually a potential turn-on (such is the 2014 study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology). When males are taken, they look more desirable to some women. Hardly a universal rule, it is still worth exploring.

5. Moderate facial hair is attractive

In 2013, the Evolution and Human Behavior academic journal concluded that intermediate beardedness was most attractive. Although full-bearded are usually perceived as better fathers, this does not mean they are immediately attractive to the weaker sex. The opinions, however, were shown to heavily depend on women’s menstrual cycles.

Men’s Perspective 

Females tend to appreciate traits conveying social status. Men, predictably, emphasize sexual desirability and related attributes, such as health, sex, and drive. But is it the only key to success?

1. Understand his sense of humour

Yes, humor is valued by both sexes alike. After all, what use is a joke if it falls flat? Women who appreciate men’s humour are viewed as more attractive physically. This was discovered over a decade ago, according to the Journal of Evolutionary Psychology.

2. Be honest

Honesty is quality men value a lot, especially in long-term relationships. In this case, socially appealing personality traits are most appreciated. Aside from honesty, these include intelligence and warmth, according to a study by Pamela C. Regan Ph.D. and her colleagues published in the Journal of Psychology & Human Sexuality.

3. Learn the art of mirroring

Research shows that men are drawn to women who mirror (i.e., subtly copy) their actions. For instance, if your date touches his hair, casually touch yours in a few moments. This finding was confirmed by the study “Where is the love? The social aspects of mimicry” released by the Royal Society Publishing.

4. Be open and kind

Regardless of body shape, British men preferred ladies with positive personality traits like openness, kindness, and assertiveness, in a study published in 2010 in the Journal of Social Psychology.

5. Take your girlfriends with you 

In 2014, the academic journal Research in Organizational Behavior published a study confirming the so-called "cheerleader effect" suggesting that females appear more attractive in groups. Naturally, this works best for first encounters.

These are only a few of the attractive traits revealed by science over the past two decades. Most of these studies are available online, so do your homework for in-depth understanding. Arm yourself with the knowledge to improve your romantic chances. Although each of us is unique, there are common tendencies shared by many humans.


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