5 Great Ideas for a First Date

A good first date is the first stepping stone to any relationship, this is why they cause us so much anxiety. This experience could make or break your future love life with this person. This is why, what you do on the first date is of dire importance. The better you plan this out, the less anxiety you will have about your date. Here, we have done the research for you, and have the best ideas for a first date. 

  • Gourmet picnic—A picnic is a great idea for a first date, as it is public, wholesome, and also gives you plenty of time to talk to your date on an intimate level. The fact that this says “gourmet,” however, does not necessarily mean expensive. There are many ways to go about this, but it will require some research on your part. Make sure to (subtly) ask your date what their favorite sandwich or salad is, bring it up as a topic without making it obvious. You can surely find a place to get that specific sandwich or salad for the picnic. Make sure to pack some fruit, dessert, some wine, and all the cutlery you will need. Going out of your way to plan such a detailed picnic is sure to impress your date!
  • Flea Market and Food Trucks—Flea markets are a ton of fun, especially when you are on a budget. A flea market allows for tons of laughs and a space for you to act silly, which will help with any anxiety you may have.  They are also very insightful, as you can see what things interest your date (colors, styles, etc). Additionally, flea markets are usually big places in which you can walk around for at least an hour, giving you time to talk to your date. After a walk through the market, you can hit up the food trucks that are usually already there, or a close coffee shop, ending your date on a great note.
  • Miniature Golf—Although this may sound like a cliché, it really isn’t. The truth is that miniature golf also allows for a space for you to act silly, and enough time to talk to your date on a more intimate level, in a PG setting. A small competition is also a very exciting aspect. This date will give you enough time to get to know your companion in a more relaxed way. An additional trip to the snack bar after the game will end your date on a happy note, as well.
  • Tourist sites—No matter where you live, there is sure to be a tourist site. Going on a tourist route is a good way to learn more about your place of residence (or somewhere close) together. Learning side by side is a good way to make conversation, and also, to get in a few pictures together. Exploring new place is exciting and different, it’s almost like taking a mini-vacation, without all the packing and pressure. 
  • Cooking Class—Learning something new is always a good thing. Making this experience a date, is even better. This type of date requires both of you to work together towards a main goal. A date such as this is one of the best experiences for people who enjoy good food, as most classes will teach you how to make a high-end meal. The best part is, after you have worked together making it, you get to enjoy it!

First dates can become a source of stress and anxiety, but there is no reason why you can’t make a first date something so stressful. These ideas are sure to work at your convenience, while allowing you to show a new person a great time, and getting to know them on a completely different level. Enjoy!


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