Tinder Scams, How to Spot the Red Flags

Swipe right if you like, swipe left to go to the next possibility… Tinder has become a vast growing enterprise that basically functions to hook people up. The site is known for having the most amount of “dates” per week, giving the platform a huge nest for scammers to get to work.

If you have ever used Tinder, you know that the app is very open, easy to use, and most of all, exciting. The app matches you with local people in your area that are also looking to go out or hook up. If you splurge a bit, and buy an upgrade to Tinder Gold, you can link up with people in over 80 countries! Amazing, right? Well, as much as it opens up a completely new world of people, it also opens up opportunities for scammers. If any of these happen to you while using Tinder, proceed with caution!

  1. The“let’s connect another way” scam: This scam is one of the biggest out there. Once you link up with someone on the app, and after a few messages, they ask you for another type of communication, such as email, Facebook, or personal phone call. This is usually ok, except these people will find ways to hack your accounts and get your information. If you decide to contact someone from Tinder in any other way, please proceed with caution. Make sure your information is secure. Also, do not give away information (such as maiden name, DOB, etc.) to someone who you have NEVER laid eyes on.
  1. The“I’m with the Army and I am stranded” scam: This scam might be the saddest of all. Scammers posing as soldiers overseas who “just want to come home” prey on many lonely women. They will sweet talk you until next week with promises of a future, a great retirement, security, and most of all a romantic life together. After they’ve got you hooked, they will tell you they need certain amounts of money to get back home, and that once they get home they will get their discharge money, you will be paid back in full and have a new man, etc. It is shameful that this happens, but it does. If you link up with ANYONE overseas, please do not wire them any money, or share any information. Remember, any soldier (even dishonorably discharged ones) get a ticket home, no matter what.
  1. The “verify your account” scam: Perhaps one of the most obvious, but for some reason widely used scams is this one. This scam consists of a message you get from Tinder asking you to verify your account in order to continue using the app. Once you click on verification, you are sent to another site, and asked to verify your personal information. DO NOT PROCEED. Tinder will never ask you to verify through another site. Just in case they do ask you to verify, it will be through your personal email, or right in your profile. Third party websites used are scam sites that collect your information in order to steal your identity. NEVER put your personal information into a site that you have never used willingly before. Another way this scam is used is when a Tinder match actually asks you to verify your account in order to proceed with the communication. If this happens, simply SWIPE LEFT!

Tinder will be around for a long time. As long as there are lonely people out there, the site will be there with a solution for loneliness. Just remember, always think with your head when you have not actually met the person. Do not let your desire for companionship leave you a scammed and lonelier person.


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