Toronto Gets New 50s Plus Meet-Up Group

Dating can be quite challenging for people of all ages, but if you’re over 50 the dating game can present with a whole lot more challenges than it does to the younger generation. 50 could also be the perfect time to start dating. As your kids start to get married, have their own families, or move away to college, loneliness starts to set in, and you want to enter the dating pool once again.

If you are interested, you are invited to join our Meetup. The meet up is targeted at extroverted 50 plus singles who are potentially interested in dating but who also don't want to go through a lot of the nonsense which typifies online dating, the "bar scene", so-called "speeddating" and numerous other singles-oriented environments both online and "offline".

If you are seeking meaningful connections or seeking to meet other like-minded singles who are upfront about what they want in a relationship, then you're invited tojoin our Toronto Social Experiment for bold singles seeking no-pressure café get-togethers. The group currently has 162 members and is open to accepting more members.

Dating gets tougher by the day and at 50, it is assumed you have garnered enough experience to navigate this complicated world. No need to waste time on online dating. Meet-up face to face with people of similar interests, and embrace as many opportunities as you would find in this event.

Many times, people pass up events like this because they seem too scary or too out of their comfort zone, but remember that staying at home is not going to help you meet new people. The more you put yourself out there, the easier dating in your 50s is going to get.

Here are a few ways to get started:

These are a few tips for people who would attend the Meetup event:

  • Look good

Remember you are coming to meet your potential soul mate, so look good.

  • Make eye contact

When you’re talking to someone, it is recommended that you hold eye contact with them. This way they’ll know you’re listening to them and they would also see that you are confident.

  • Interact with the person you’re listening to

It’s no place to be shy. The meet-up is targeted at extroverted people, so show off the exciting sides of you. Also, remember to really pay attention to what others are saying when they speak and wait for their cues to talk about yourself.

  • Be interesting to talk to.

No one wants a boring date.  So come armed with some interesting stories about yourself, you may not necessarily have to use them, but better them than awkward silences. Also, prepare interesting discussion topics in your mind; it will help you worry less about awkward silences when you do engage in conversations. This way you can relax and enjoy the event.  However, do not put any pressure on yourself to be cool or funny rather see this as just another chance to attend a social gathering, have fun and who knows, maybe meet someone.


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