First Date Fashion Do's & Don't

Dating a new HOTTIE will be stressful enough – picking out your outfit for the occasion shouldn’t be. A first date is the only shot you’ve got to make a fabulous impression on your possible Mr. Right.  Show him the real you to guarantee date #2. Keep these tips in mind when dressing for your big night. Your look will keep him looking!

DO dress for the activity. Ask him in advance where you are going. You need to be prepared when selecting the right attire. You DON’T want to show up in your little black dress for the 50-yard line.

Designers are currently having a love affair with dresses, and for everybody type, there is a flattering dress. A fitted garment reveals the form of the body while loose garments disguise the shape underneath. But no matter what, nothing makes a dress look richer than a great fit.

The versatile black dress is a classic. Day to night, the little black dress can be classic, elegant, sleek, sexy and slimming. But before you decide on any old black outfit:

- Look for details that flatter your body, such as waist details to optimize an hourglass shape, and pick a length around the knee for the most versatile look.

- Keep the legs bare or wear very sheer hose for the dressiest look.

- The little black dress carries accessories well so don't be afraid to embellish.

- The black dress is the perfect choice when you don't know what to wear or can't decide!

DO go casual for the movies in your favorite-fit jeans and a trendy but comfy top. If dinner is on the agenda, wear a flattering dress. When hitting the clubs, do a dressy tank to keep you cool on the dance floor.

DON'T be too sexy.  I know you want to show off your assets but keep him guessing! This is only the first date. You don’t need to pull out the too-low-cut-skin-tight-top. He doesn’t need to know ALL of you yet.

DON'T wear a mini. If you didn’t get it in the first DON'T…. absolutely under no circumstances rock a mini skirt on your date. Do you want to step out of the car like Britney? Check the gossip pages if you need a visual.

DO be confident in your ensemble. The best way to showcase your beautiful self is to feel good in your clothes. Trust me, he’ll notice.

Why Men Give Flowers

Researching the meaning of flowers - they represent beauty for a beautiful person. They represent sexuality and/or flowers in romance.  If you are planning to give her flowers, this is what they mean:

Red Roses - Represents: true love

Says: "I love you."

Also Says: "I'm not very creative and didn't put much, if any, thought into this buying decision."

Striped Carnations - Represents: refusal

Says: "I can't be with you, but I'm going through the trouble of locating and buying striped carnations to say that."

Sunflower - Represents: purity, lofty thoughts

Says: "I'm not going to put out."

Burgundy Roses - Represents: unconscious beauty

Says: "I can't see your beauty. Because it's underneath the surface. You have inner beauty? I like watching you sleep."

Daisies - Represents: innocence, loyal love, and faith

Says: "These are delicate with a hint of spontaneity, just like you."

Peonies - Represents: shame and bashfulness

Says: "I cheated on you."

Mint - Represents: suspicion

Says: "I bet you're cheating on me, but we can agree that these flowers smell damn good."

Yellow Tulips - Represents: hopeless love

Says: "Please, please, please, please be with me. Please!"

Bird's-Foot Trefoil - Represents: revenge

Says: "You'll pay for these flowers."

Orchid - Represents: refined beauty

Says: "I am either pretentious or trying really hard to be."

Yellow Poppies - Represents: wealth and success

Says: "I love you for your money."

Pink Carnations - Represents: a mother's love

Says: "No, I don't have Oedipus Complex, but, yes, these flowers should have gone to Mom."

Coriander - Represents: lust

Says: "I only want you for sex, so can I actually hold onto these? My Thai chicken recipe calls for ground coriander."

Yellow Roses - Represents: joy, friendship, apology, jealousy, dying love, infidelity, and heartbreak

Says: "I have no idea what I'm trying to say."

Regina Gershman is a certified Image Consultant and Dating Coach from George Brown College.  Her goal is to empower her clients’ dating and etiquette style, appearance, business, social, anger-management, and adult/teen’s self-esteem.  For more information, please visit:, by email: or call (416) 305-4477. 


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