Ottawa singles event planned at Great Canadian Barbeque on June 7th

The Great Canadian Barbecue is giving you the chance to find true love on the 7th of June 2020. Fall in love with all-time Canadian barbecue favourites and meet fellow singles on the search for their other half—or someone to share the best Canadian food experience with.

The Ottawa Book Expo has teamed up with Smoque Shack to bring you the Great Canadian Barbecue. The Canadian feast will celebrate all-time barbecue favourites alongside several other featured menu items.

In addition to this, the Great Canadian Barbecue will be celebrating the single life on June 7, 2020, with an all-singles event that caters to—you guessed it, singles! Spend the day feeding your body and soul without having to worry about all those couples spoiling your experience.

Lots of singles are expected to spend the whole day unplugged while feasting on barbecue favourites that celebrate Canadian roots. The event aims to bring together singles of every age not to meet the love of their lives but to celebrate the freedom of independence and combat loneliness.

After all, being single isn’t a curse but a blessing! Of course, it isn’t impossible to meet the love of your life. In the meantime, focus on savouring the delicious food that the Great Canadian Barbecue will be serving all while perusing stacks of literary genius to keep your intellect well fed as well.

There is nothing in the world better than spending a whole day of unplugging with a group of like-minded individuals. Fall in love with Canada’s best heartwarming delicacies and find the perfect book to accompany you on your daily commute, at work or during your leisure time.

The all-singles event is the perfect place to create new friendships and form bonds solidified by the love of food and literature altogether. The event ultimately aims to empower singles to find joy and comfort in self-care while enjoying the company of others.

The Great Canadian Barbecue’s all-singles event will welcome singles of all ages and will be introducing delicious food alongside a wide variety of works of literature that showcases diversity and a multitude of intellectually-piquing subjects.

The event, which will be held on June 7, 2020, is accepting early booking for tickets and is currently offering an early bird discount of $89 with only 383 spots left. The ticket will guarantee you uninhibited access to the book fair, singles event and an assortment of delicious meals offered by the Great Canadian Barbecue.

Feast your eyes on literary genius with a wide assortment of multicultural authors and literary works that focus on a wide range of social issues. The Ottawa Book Expo will be operating alongside the Great Canadian Barbecue’s all-singles event and will showcase hard-hitting talent which ensures that there is something for everyone.

Event-goers will also be able to mingle and communicate with fellow singles. This will create a strong sense of camaraderie and potentially spark a love for literature and food altogether.

Munch on a variety of meals served by the Great Canadian Barbecue like tapas-style barbecue items that are a staple to any Canadian barbecue. Just make sure to keep your sticky fingers clean, you wouldn’t want to damage all those precious books.

In addition to the delicious barbecue staples like two bones of sumptuous pork ribs, pulled pork sliders, and brisket on a crustini with horseradish mayonnaise, The Great Canadian Barbecue will also be serving delicious sides and appetizers.

Foodies and book lovers will be able to talk amongst themselves while feasting on mini mac and cheeses, jerk chicken egg rolls, and cornbread with jalapeno-infused cheddar butter.

If you’re already a fan of Smoque Shack, you’ll also be seeing some of their signature Smoqued shrimp skewers and Andouille sausage corn dogs.

Not a fan of books? It doesn’t matter! The all-singles event is the ultimate celebration of Canadian roots and self-care. Discover yourself and surround yourself with a group of amazing people as you feast on some of the best food Canada has to offer.

There is nothing better than discovering something new whilst enjoying something you already love. Enjoy all-time culinary favourites while you explore the diversity of Canada’s singles.

You’re bound to build friendships and connections you wouldn’t have even thought of elsewhere in The Great Canadian Barbecue’s all-singles event of 2020.


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