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Top 7 iPhone Apps

The latest technology has brought a flood of features and latest apps to iPhone users. These apps enable you to get the best out of your iPhone. Nowadays you can think of customizing your electronic gadget to fit your professional needs, lifestyle and even your personality. But it could be a little stressful to choose the right app when you are not sure if a certain app can be the right one for you. That is why you need to do a careful selection, so here’s a list of the top 7 apps for your iPhone:

Free Facebook and Twitter:

Facebook and Twitter is the inseparable couple and they are required by everyone who likes to get indulged into social life. However, iPhone’s limited operating system does not permit you to have both of these social networking sites in your phone at the same time. But you do not need to worry as these apps will be available separately soon. For now, you can get both of them individually with slight improvements in their functionality, design and localization.


The best thing about having skype in your iPhone is that you get an option of either calling your skype contacts through 3G or wi-fi. While you may be required paying the data charges from your carrier but these skype calls would be free from 3G or wi-fi. The rate for international calls is quite low as well.

Smart dating:

If you are willing to find a partner or just want to search for a cool date then there is an amazing app for you too. With this application you can post videos and photos that would be integrated with FaceBook. A Hot List of your favorite daters will be in front of you too.


This app enables you to stay relaxed while receiving text messages as you drive your car, you can reply to those messages instantly just by speaking as your phone becomes hands free through Text’nDrive.


You can make use of this app in many ways along with tracking your work productivity. Any kind of information can be tracked including travel expenses and time and hours spent on a project etc. Hence this data can then be organized and exported once you are done with your work.

Angry Birds:

Everyone would be aware of Angry Birds. It has undoubtedly become the most additive iPhone game. The game ends at around 225 different exciting levels and costs not that much.

Weather Eye:

Although there are loads of weather applications available but they are too complicated to be used by a common man. This app has all the important features like long and short term forecasts, sunset and sunrise times along with rain and snow fall expected. All these features that are free too makes this app a must have in your iPhone.


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