Electric automobile idea busts at drawing board

The latest news in automotive technology comes from a Connecticut based company that is developing a new method of auto propulsion, using the element thorium to produce electricity. In a nutshell, they say 8 grams of thorium yields as much energy as 28,000 liters of gasoline which should supply enough electricity to keep the car running for an estimated 1 million miles which would outlast the mechanical lifetime of the automobile itself. Charles Stevens, the CEO of Laser Power Systems CEO, explains in an interview with Ward’s Auto, that small pieces of thorium have been used to generate heat, being positioned to create a thorium laser in the vehicle.


The laser heats water which produces steam, and in turn powers a series of “mini-turbines.” The engine itself is lightweight compared to conventional auto engines only weighing 500 lbs. The only problem now is getting the idea from a theory stage of development to the physical reality of making it work. They however, have confidence in getting the idea from the planning stage to development.


On the surface, an automobile that will continuously run for years without refueling sounds like the breakthrough we\'ve all been waiting for. However, in reality, it is a total waste of time, effort, and money on the part of everyone involved. The waste of money in such projects usually comes back to bite the taxpayer in the butt at some time in the future.


First of all, such a nuclear powered automobile would never be allowed on the streets by the EPA because of safety concerns and fears of radiation leakage. Secondly, and perhaps the most important issue is that of a price tag on such an innovation. Such a high tech advancement would put the price of the most expensive auto in use today to shame, ranging from 1 million dollars to several million per vehicle.


A novel idea that would end up selling only a couple of cars before going bankrupt while leaving the taxpayers to foot the bill from research to production.


What we have here is another useless green idea that ends up costing millions and helps nothing in saving energy or in protecting the environment. Put simply, the proposed thorium powered auto is a flop before it even gets off the drawing board.


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