Greener offices lead to healthier employees and greener profits

(NC) -- Working in a green office building isn't just good for the environment, it's good for your health. Better still, it is also good for any business bottom line.

Instead of sitting all day long in a workplace with harsh lighting and bad air, imagine working in a space that is specifically designed to provide excellent air circulation, access to natural daylight and that also demonstrates your organization's commitment to the environment.

According to a recent 2013 NRC study, greener office spaces increase employee productivity and overall happiness, due to better temperature regulation and indoor air quality, more access to daylight, and fewer disturbances from HVAC noise. All this results in fewer sick days, better sleep quality and fewer physical or mental symptoms associated with office work.

In addition, office buildings built green can readily deliver up to 30% savings in energy, water, and other areas each year. Or, a green retrofit can be a successful way to not only refresh office space, but to see big financial savings as well.Green office spaces are becoming more common across the country with many of the downtown office towers in major cities already LEED certified or targeting certification to this international standard, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. How do you know if you're working in a green building?

Look for signs in the lobby that indicate it is certified LEED, BOMA or Green Globes. You can also ask your facilities manager about what green initiatives have been implemented, or encourage them to consider greening even some of their practices. Organizations like the Canada Green Building Council ( are also a valuable resource to help you or your employer get started.


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