Why Climate Controlled Storage Units Are Your Best Option

Sometimes, it’s not realistic to keep all of your belongings in your home with you. Many people use their lesser used rooms, basements, and closets as their in-home storage. But when you need to store delicate fabrics, expensive electronics, and valuable heirlooms, your damp, chilly basement or uninsulated garage is less than ideal. For those items that need a little extra protection, a climate controlled self-storage unit your answer.

Climate controlled units offer atmospheric regulation, which means you never have to worry about temperatures, weather, or infestations that can damage your valuable belongings. This is incredibly helpful when you want to store antique wooden furniture. The wood is susceptible to high levels of humidity and fluctuations in temperature. If left in your basement, it can easily warp or crack, ruining your investment. In a climate controlled unit, the piece is safe from such effects. Valuable musical instruments like pianos and woodwinds can be safely stored too. Climate controlled self-storage will maintain a constant temperature and air quality level, to ensure all of your belongings are safe.

Another benefit of climate control is its protection against insects and other pests. While your valuable upholstery, fabrics, and electronics are vulnerable to burrowing rodents, moths, and other insects in your shed, your self-storage unit creates an impenetrable barrier against these dangers. Even your delicate (and expensive) wedding dress will be safe!

In addition to environmental controls enforced in your self-storage unit, you should expect a high level of security to keep your belongings safe. Research those climate-control self-storage services that can offer the best protection. Do your research and don’t settle for anything less than a comprehensive security program. The Abacus Self Storage rental units include 24-hour video surveillance, monitored alarms, and personal security checks performed by the facility manager. You’ll also receive a unique access code for your unit and the facility fence. Features like these are what you should look for when you rent a unit from a local storage facility.

Though you may have the space, not everything you need to store can safely be kept in damp basements, chilly garages, and insecure sheds. For those special items that need climate controls to keep temperatures, air quality, humidity levels, and infestations in check, you should rent a self-storage unit. They’re available for long- and short-term leases, so you can keep your items properly stored for any length of time you need.


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