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Truth or Deception - 21st Century Style


Recalling the long-running television series the X-Files, wherein the introduction to an episode ended with the phrase: ‘The Truth Is Out There’, well as time and CGI (computer generated graphics) and special effects technology advance, it is becoming increasingly difficult to discern truth from deception.

Reference the embedded video: it illustrates just this point. The magic Hollywood goes beyond the cinema but undoubtedly, into our homes.

It does not take much imagination to realize that if such manipulation to what we are given to witness can be accomplished for a block-buster movie, that the same IS not done for the two-minute or less, video clip that accompanies the News anchors script.

The recently released movie starring George Clooney titled THE IDES OF MARCH is a clear and blatant illustration of such potential manipulation to create a reality and present it to an audience, to gain a desired outcome. While watching this film, it is impossible not to realize that such fiction is not so far from fact of happening.

21st Century technology has made it extremely easy and inexpensive to massage or construct a virtual reality to meet any desired outcome to such extent that virtually (pun intended) nothing that our given senses tell us can be deemed truthful and honest. From what we view and see through media to the artificial flavouring in genetically modified food, can anything be trusted to be what it purports to be or represent.

It is not difficult to see significant manifestation of paranoia for anyone who has come to this realization, that all that they have come to put their faith to being a true and honest representation of their reality - is nothing but one big manipulated LIE!

So where do we go from here?

Given the potential and undoubtedly, remarkable advances in technology and wireless communication relative to the current state, it is impossible to predict what the future will have in store for humanity. One cannot help but speculate that the full immersion of up-incoming generations into technology whereby a virtual, computer generated and manipulated reality becomes increasingly the norm, that it is not a planned event by the so-called Elite or Powers-That-Be so often eluded to by conspiracy theorists and, more likely to be the only honest truth to one should believe in.

Again to reference the X-Files: the truth may be out there - but it is becoming increasingly difficult or if not impossible, to discern TRUTH from DECEPTION.

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