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Live-in-Caregiver Program: Minister Kenney's vendetta against Canadian parents?

The Live-in-Caregiver Program enabled my wife, and myself to hire several live in nannies for our three children over the last 8 years. Some of our nannies worked out great, and some didn't .

When Minister Jason Kenney announced changes to The Live-in Caregiver Program, my wife and myself were rather surprised to hear that if we decided to hire a new nanny, we had to cover recruitment fees, airfare, temp. insurance and an immigration lawyer. This is an onerous requirement for a still-to-be formally hired person. Indeed, we have no assurance that she will be the right fit for my family. More importantly, we have no assurance that she won’t just walk out on us, since we have a very busy family with three young and energetic boys. Plus, we live in a rural area so we have several disadvantages of retaining a nanny.

I am to be required to pay close to $ 5.000 -- for an individual I have only spoken to over the phone, and who does not need any sort of commitment to my family as soon as she touches Canadian soil. We assumed we wouldn't need to worry about it, as our current nanny, probably the nicest nanny we have employed so far, committed herself to stay with our family until she received her Open Work Permit which she was to receive in late 2012.

To our surprise, our wonderful nanny called us at work last week that she just unexpectedly received her Open Work Permit. By the time we got home from work, the resignation letter was ready. She was leaving us because with an Open Work Permit, she can pursue any type of work, and of course, she wasn't going to continue working as a nanny.

So here we are a professional couple, both contributing to Canada's economy, three kids and no nanny, and no time to plan to hire a new nanny.

We called several agencies who tell us that due to the new regulation, nannies receive their Open Work Permit upon applying for Permanent Residence. There is apparently severe shortage of local nannies. and it will take a minimum of 7 months.

Should we decide the overseas route and gamble $ 5000- of our money?

One agency also fiercely assured me that this is all part of an apparent hidden agenda of Minister Jason Kenney. This apparent agenda is to eliminate the Live-in Caregiver Program altogether by putting huge and unreasonable roadblock in front of parents so they wouldn't utilize the live in caregiver program anymore.

Really?! I was under the impression that the Live-in Caregiver Program is an integral feature of economic development in our immigration system, and was intended to also support working families and the backbone of the Canadian economy. And what are working families supposed to do now?

My wife is a nurse and I am ran a very successful but busy business, and daycare just doesn't work for us.

Do Minister Jason Kenney and Prime Minister Stephen Harper have a hidden plan for moms to exit the Canadian workforce and stay at home?

Why does Jason Kenney think he has the right to play with my money, that I work very hard for to provide my family a good life?

My question to Mr. Kenney, why do you have a vendetta against Canadian parents ? And what is your real agenda?


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seems like this family wants their nanny to be tied up with them forever. How come day care doesn't works for them? Is it too expensive? Now they know how much they will pay for 3 kids going to daycare and that of the Live-in Caregiver doing all around job and yet receiving very minimal wages. We understand your position Minister Kenney that if your side will be on us then your Citizens will get mad at you. Hope everything will be fair to us and to your constituents. Btw, reading news article like this CIC might freeze LCP permanent residence application forever )): God bless CANADA-country of hopes and dreams
Livein Caregivers Canada If only both parties are really fair enough with each other then no more problem at all. Why did the nanny left them immediately as soon as she gets her OWP maybe I guess they are not fair to her. I know a lot of nannies that they'd got their OWP but they didn't leave their current employers because some employers increased their salaries, give them more benefits and etc. Those employers know how the LCP feels about. They have been working so hard, far from families but yet they can do their job more than what is expected. Their kids love and adore their nannies. Also some nannies that even they only receive minimum salary and working for almost 3 years with the same employer still prefers to stay and work with them because their employers treat them as family member. Good luck to all LCP. We hope and pray that everything goes well. Good luck to those Caregivers who are on job hunting! There's always a rainbow after the rain (-:Admin Lynn-Victoria BC
The funny thing is: This person talks about nannies as we were a kind of slave..." Oh, my slave received her freedom letter and now I'm too busy to look for someone else to look after MY kids, by the way, are three little ENERGETIC boys, meaning any nanny will get crazy...anyway...Nannies are there to hire, you just have to pay the price to hire one...8 dollars per hour it will make a little harder for sure...

About the travel expenses, I agree with him, It's hard to invest in something that it's not sure that will work out, and for us nannies, I believe that most of us prefer to pay our ticket to come to Canada, give us freedom to leave the family if we need to.

Other thing, If you can't afford to have 3 kids and work, please do not blame this program or the government...It's your problem in the end of the way...

Poor nannies...still the bad wolf always....

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