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Freedom of Speech Israeli Style

When faced with a voice of dissention especially from one of their own, in the heart of Israel, amidst a public celebration (of Palestinian occupation no doubt), this is how the gestapo police (ironic ah?) respond.

In the video above, a brave Jewish young man in face of obvious opposition to his view on the occupation of Palestine, I think quickly realizes what his people are truly all about.

I wonder if this will give him cause to rethink to what `faith' of nationalism he is bound. Too bad he can't redeem his `foreskin'.

In face of growing rhetoric demanding the attack on Iran coming predominately from the Israeli, and an apparent Zionist false reality matrix that has infected the otherwise rational minds of western society, this should exemplify that at all cost Israel will step even on its own people to get what it wants. So think of what we goys must mean to them?



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