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Fukushima: India must abandon Kudankulam Nuclear Terror

The Indian regime just does not bother with protecting human lives, and is only interested in uplifting of rich, billionaires and corporate fellows. With this aspect as its major policy, New Delhi employs various layers of triclomacy to get whatever it wants domestically and abroad. “Leaders” mint extra cash by supporting and mediating in the arms-liquor-nuclear deals.

The rise of people of Tamil State against the anti-humanity nuclear terrorism ploys, has upset all hidden nuke agendas of Indian terror strategists who are eager to use the people to make profits. A panicked Indian regime led by corporatist agent Manmohan quickly sent on November 6, 2011, former president A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, whom the Indian political leaders evicted from his presidential palace, denying him a second term, to somehow convince the agitating Kudankulam masses to call off their strike and let the nuclear plant try its terror operations on the innocent people. He formally visited the Nuclear Power Project and said the plant was totally safe and a 'boon to the people'.

Dr. Kalam is not a nuclear scientist to make such awfully silly comments on the terror project against popular wish, and even if he were one, he wouldn’t have spoken against the “schemes” of corporate regime and protect the people.

An extra obedient Dr. Kalam might think he has served his mother India with his comments as he had done as president offering sermons at Sarmath, before he was crudely replaced by a woman candidate with criminal records propped by all leading parties including Congress and Communists, by name Pratibha Patil who has been busy touring foreign countries as Indian president along with his darling husband.

Perhaps, Madam Pratibha is the top most tourist presdient of India- just opposite of her predecessor Dr. Abdul Kalam who hardly went abraod during his entire 5 year term. Indian terror PM Manmohan is not worse then the president in site seeing tour of the world even when the parliament is in session.

The recent report that Fukushima results in horrific tomato and other vegetable mutations and the police officers sent to Fukushima die of radiation reiterates their resolve of humanity fighting against imposition of deadly nuclearism on their soil, to nuclearism race and stop nuclear operations. The European Committee on Radiation Risks says health damage after contamination will be more serious than Japan announced.

Truth could be hidden by the regime and its media, but the devastating damages the nuclearism unleashes and terrorized furure generations would be awaiting cannot be.

Wanting to be a super power to catch up with dictatorial USA, when the bulks of populations starve, India is also a key energy consumer and a major customer of Russian terror goods, including the nuclear reactors. At least after the Fukushima devastations, India must respect the sentiments of people of Kudankulam as well as humanity and immediately abandon its notorious Kudankulam nuclear terror operations and save the people there forthwith from deadly radiation effects. Those employed by the regime on the project cold be relocated elsewhere in the country for humanity tasks.

After all, people have elected their representative to Parliament and assemblies to form a regime with mandate exclusively to save and them from disasters. The pro-corporate Manmohan regime, unfortunately, is operating as a key agent of global nuclear mafias. When people want to shut down the nuclear terror plant, many nuclear mafia members in political parties of Tamil State shamelessly push for the Tamil State government to back the nuclear terrorism.

Anything that is linked to nuclearism is deadly because it threatens the human survival on earth. Fukushima disaster has endangered the humanity still more with ocean radiation over 7 million times legal limit and the affected people continue to suffer. Germany has decided to end its nuclear ambitions. Yet, Indian regime even with a fractured verdict, seems to be adamant to go ahead with Kudankulam nuclear terror project, ignoring the popular concerns and impending real danger to people. Fanaticism and state terrorism have petrified Indian official mindset. That is most unfortunate.

Impending nuclear crashes in India is no joke. Rulers would be safe but the people within the radiation zones are under life threats. Countries like Russia and EU are ready to sell the nuclear terror goods like rectors to third world nations and India, powered by public money released from public sector undertakings and other state assets, is a major customer of their nuclear terminators and keeps searching for arms and nuclear goods abroad almost in every regional markets. Russia has been a major supplier of nuclear and other terror goods to India.

The People's Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE) that is spearheading the protest at the cost of their own families against the 2,000 MW nuclear power plant in Tamil State's Tirunelveli district, about 650 km from Chennai ( Madras) here, is fully focused on getting their l soil free form nay nuclear stuff.

By deceiving the innocent people and spreading false impression of nuclearism as being the key to India’s progress, India's nuclear power plant operator NPCIL is building two 1,000 MW nuclear power reactors with Russian technology and equipment in Kudankulam. The first unit is expected to go on stream in December. The project is estimated to cost around Rs.13, 000 crore in the pre -revised rate.

India’s Parliamentarians, including the worshipers of cricketer Sachuin Tendulakar as a major Hindu god, claiming to be supreme guys of the nation, do roaring MP business, maintain close nexus even with black-marketers, illegal miners, arms merchants and mediators for commissions from deals, pretend they are not aware of any such black/grey deals. Those decent non-corrupt parliamentarians who refuse to expose their "colleges" for fear of backlash from the regime are equally guilty. .

People of Kudankulam in Indian Tamil State have been taken for an easy ride by the nuclear terror agents in New Delhi by imposing a nuclear terror plant in that calm region only to terrorize the people.

Innocent villagers, who greeted the NPCIL officials with welcome arches and garlands only years ago when they arrived to set up the plant, now fear for their lives in case of a nuclear accident and the long-term impact it would have on the population.

No amount of so-called safety measures would avert a nuclear disaster anywhere in the world and India cannot fool the people saying that all necessary safety safeguards are “in place” in Kudankulam. Abraham Lincoln had long ago aptly put it meaning: “none can fool entire humanity forever. Locals were told they would get plenty of money once nuclear terror begins to operate and they must cooperate with mother India. People could not gauge the impending danger to their lives emanating from the terror plant.

Indian regime is pushing too hard to get the nuclear terror plant commissioned at the earliest and has, seeing the deadly opposition from the public, has decided to fool the people by appointing a committee to only get a positive recommendations for the start of the terror plant. Hey even asked the protesters to suggest a nominee on the committee whom Indian nuclear terror network could manoeuvre in their favour.

The People's Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE) suggested two persons as the people's representative in the state government panel. Activists protesting the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project (KNPP) have suggested two names for an expert panel and also put forward a charter of demands, including a white paper and immediate stoppage of work, before participating in the deliberations.

In order to “clinch” I the nuclear issue at any cost, the Manmohan-Sonia-Rahul-Pratibha led central government Oct 20 set up the expert committee of 15 members drawn from various fields to interact with officials of Tamil Nadu government, people's representatives and activists of Tirunelveli district, who have been opposing the project on safety-related issues.

India government has asked the regional Tamil state government to suggest the names of two people as members in the expert panel being constituted by it. Pushparayan, convener of the Coastal People's Federation, said “we are not aware of the committee's terms of reference, the role to be played by our members and other details, we have laid down some conditions”. He said as the role to be played by the two members has not been specified by the government the movement had nominated non-technical people.

The activists are demanding a white paper because there was lot of confusion about the status of the project with officials declaring that there would be severe damage if maintenance activities were stopped. Apart from immediate stoppage of all work inside the KNPP complex, we are demanding a white paper on the project status, cessation of derogatory remarks against the protestors by the nuclear establishment, false cases registered by the police against the activists should be withdrawn.

People in the region have begun relay hunger strikes. The relay fast against KNPP at Idinthakarai, for instance, entered several days now with the participation of people from Vairavikinaru village.

India makes a big hue and cry, maybe fowl, when an Indian Hindu is attacked, or troubled or killed abroad. But in India, this mother cares a damn to the pathetic conditions even of dead bodies lying on New Delhi's pavements in cold winter; In India, where, nuclear terror operations have killed many people in Bhopal tragedy alone, mislead people about the worth and safety of “nuclearism”. Instead of showing human compassion, India showcases its ugly face to people who elect them democratically to rule the nation.

Tamil State chief minister Ms. Jayalalitha, who recently returned to power with a thumping mandate by defeating all the parties, including the Congress party now controlling the central regime, has taken a serious view of the Indian imposition of nuclear terror plant in Kudankulam, and asked the Manmohan regime not to punish the innocent Tamils through nuclearism means.

She even questioned the rationale behind Manmohan’s latest announcement in Moscow of starting the Kudankulam terror plant in 2 weeks. Jayalalitha had earlier requested the protesting Tamil masses to stop the protest and began negotiating with the central government on their behalf and hoped the nuclear terrorism bid would be anbadoned once for all.

The Tamil State will stand by the people of Kudanlkulam and New Delhi must abandon the nuclearism experiments against people in Kudankulam forthwith

An observation

Majority in the parliament can misbehave with the people and also claim supremacy over people and nation. That is how so-called democracy operates across the globe, fooling the very people who elect their leaders serve them sincerely.

Nuclear power maybe fanciful but extremely dangerous. It is neither an environmentally or financially viable option since it is prohibitively extra expensive. Nuclear power creates radioactive waste for which there is no accepted method of safely managing or storing. In short, there is not permanent safeguard against the dangers of nuclearism.

It is funny that Indian regime has not at all learned - and does not want to learn either - any lessons from the dangers posed by nuclearism in Russia, Japan and even India. This arrogance is unfortunate when it becomes a part of democracy against the people.

It is unfortunate that Indian regime, enjoying the supremacy of parliamentarians who support the regime, its crimes and corruptions, considers only corporate fellows, who finance the polls, as humans and ignores the sensible concerns of ordinary people who are viewed as dogs and donkeys. Are they the mere voting stuff?

India seeking undue favours from abroad behaves like a hooked nation and runs to Washington, London or Moscow as and when a call is received from these. Indian leaders visiting these terrocracies obtain orders as to what to do in India. Recently, Indian terror PM and promoter of global terrorism, capitalism and illegal deals Manmohan Singh was called to Moscow to bully him to "do more" on Kudankulam nuclearism. How much commissions he or his Congress party gets from such huge deals could only be guessed because none reveals the truth unless they are forced to do.

The current phrase in job market is “hire and fire” but in the case of Dr. Kalam, India has employed “fire and hire” principle as well! Kalam has been useful to India as a true Indian and he has no hesitant to serve the cause of the regime no matter what it really means to people.

Maybe, if he refuses to promote nuclearism, Kalam might be persecuted by the regime network, including through remote gadgets disturbing him in sleep with terror dreams and real remote kicks, etc. Besides, the notorious Indian networks can spread false rumours about him through media and make his life difficult by the security fellows themselves.

Known for employing pure gimmicks India is persistent and even adamant to with huge nuclearism drive and the middlemen very tactfully use the regime and media to support nuclearism for India.

Nuclear reactors are used more for manufacturing nuclear arms against the wishes of the people. Nuclearism is like NATO terrorism is the permanent enemy of the humanity. Electricity could be generated not by nuclear terror plant alone. There are many other sources for obtaining electricity and India should go after other sources without endangering the lives of ordinary people.

The fact of the matter is India, committed to "large nuclearized electricity" ignoring ordinary people, is not fully utilizing even the already available electricity and makes the towns and villages go dark and dump, while important sections enjoy full electricity all the time.

Nuclear reactors, beside contaminating the atmosphere adding to climate change process, pose a serious threat to the very survival of people in and nearby localities'

All energy nations, mainly India, must utilize the non conventional energy such as solar and wind power to the maximum and new technology must be found to replace the nuclear terror power.

Monstrous terror mother India must become a humane nation and learn to listen to people's voice.

Prevention is much better than cure – ask the Japanese, who have been deadly terrorized by both nuclear weapons and nuclear reactors!

About the writer:

Dr. Abdul Ruff, Specialist on State Terrorism; Educationalist; Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Independent Analyst; Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements(Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc); Anti-Muslimism and anti-Islamism are more dangerous than "terrorism" Anti-Islamic forces & terrorists are using criminal elements for terrorizing the world and they in disguise are harming genuine interests of ordinary Muslims. Global media today, even in Muslim nations, are controlled by CIA & other anti-Islamic agencies. Former university Teacher; website: http://www.abdulruff.wordpress.com.


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