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Kudankulam: India could spawn disaster worse than Fukushima

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Kudankulam could become a “second Fukushima” with even more horrific consequences if the Indian terror regime goes ahead with their plans. Kudankulam people want to save their lives but Indian regime is bent upon destroying them.

The Kudankulam Atomic Power Project is a nuclear power station under construction in Koodankulam in the Tirunelveli district of the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Construction has been delayed due to anti-nuclear protests by the locals and People's Movement Against Nuclear Energy.

Thousands of protesters, belonging to the vicinity of the plant, have used various means to protest against the plant fearing a Fukushima like disaster.The protesters base their objection on the "more than 1 million people live within the 30 km radius of the KKNPP which far exceeds the AERB (Atomic Energy Regulatory Board) stipulations.

It is quite impossible to evacuate this many people quickly and efficiently in case of a nuclear disaster at Koodankulam", etc.

According to S P Udayakumar, of the voluntary People's Movement Against Nuclear Energy, "the nuclear plant is unsafe" and "the safety analysis report and the site evaluation study have not been made public.

No public hearing was held. It's an authoritarian project that has been imposed on the people." A Public Interest Litigation (PIL) has also been filed against the government’s civil nuclear programme at the apex Supreme Court. The PIL specifically asks for the "staying of all proposed nuclear power plants till satisfactory safety measures and cost-benefit analyses are completed by independent agencies".

Protesters said that even advanced countries like Germany have decided to shutdown all its 17 Nuclear reactors through which the country gets 23% of its energy. Gopal Gandhi, grandson of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, former West Bengal governor also said that an "Indian Fukushima cannot be ruled out and government needs to convince people about safety aspects of the project".

In March 2012, police said they had arrested nearly 200 anti-nuclear protesters objecting resumption of work of building one of two 1 GW reactors, a day after the local government restarted work on the project.

India with its threat of nuclear terrorism in Southern India, has clearly shown that they terrorize their neighbours in the region as well as their own people.

One fails to understand why the hell the Indian regime is still harping on nuclear plants when there are other sources for electricity generation.

India’s elected government refuses to comprehend the fear the people feel at the very mention of nuclear bombs.

Nuclear terror plants are unsafe and can destabilize anytime, causing enormous problems for the people, including deaths, serious health hazards almost on permanent basis.

Under illusory premises, India perhaps thinks if it has too many nukes in every part of India, the USA, UK, and entire big world would respect New Delhi, letting it to share the global power and resources and offer enough stuff on the notorious UNSC. However, New Delhi is cruelly childish in ignoring the nuclear threat being faced by people of India.

Indian corporate regime run for capitalists for the rich and exclusive billionaires and as such cannot be expected to work for the people. Nuclear agents who thrive on huge commissions they receive as kickbacks from successful nuclear deals are anti-people who want to witness a tragedy in Kudankulam in Tamil State.

Central government and nuclear agents have been pressing the Tamilnad government to support the cause of nuclear energy and nukes, by allowing for the commissioning of the nuclear terror plant as per central directive. Ever since the devastating Fukushima nuclear tragedy, people of Kudankulam as well as Tamil state opposed the nuclear plant and asked Indian government to shut down the plant once for all so that people can live peacefully without fear of nuclear attack of any type.

After supporting the people of Kudankulam against Indian imposition of nuclear terror plant in Tamil State, the CM Ms. Jayalalitha has changed their stand to suit the central government possibly because she expects free passage from serious corruption cases she is involved in.

Otherwise, there is not other justification for her U-turn. She as a former film actress seem to have played gimmicks and has thus discredited herself as the most popular leader of Tamils.

People of Kudankulam who are agitating and fasting against the impending nuclear disaster in their locality are being persecuted by the government.

It is unfortunate that except a poplar leader like Vaiko, no important political leader or party is allowed to protest against the reopening of the nuclear plant. Obviously, New Delhi is using all control levers to threaten leaders form opposing India's official terror project.

Nuclear disaster is not just one time devastation, killing thousands of people, crippling many more and leaves the soil for human life thereafter; No. but the ramifications of one nuclear blast could have serious consequences for many years to come. Humanity must be ready to welcome all such lifelong devastations if they allow nuclear terror plants to be commissioned on their soil by their essentially anti-people regimes working for and coaxed by mafias and lobbies of deadly nukes.

People of Hiroshima and Nagasaki have been suffering from aftermath of America’s atomic blasts in Japan in 1945. Bhopal tragedy is still alive in the mind of those who lost their dear ones.

Japan keeps facing newer problems due to nuclear disaster in Fukushima and is now facing its biggest-ever backlash towards nuclear power in the aftermath of the March 11, 2011, tsunami triggered by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake that wiped out not just entire towns and villages, but also destroyed a nuclear power plant.

There cannot be any real justification for the nuclear terror plants in India.

A few nuclear strategic nuts argue that if there would be another nuclear disaster, some money could be paid to the kith and kin and close the chapter.

Are the lives of human beings so cheap for the state, available for some money?

Is it a humane attitude to people?

That attitude in itself is a crude tragedy.


Indian regime must care for the safety, security and well being of people and it is illegal to impose nuclear plants on them without any concern for human lives.

India must strive for disarmament and nuclearization of the world and give up the adamant posture towards people. The regime's arrogance is is as bad as the NATO fascism.

The UPA regime should release petrified mindset in favour of humane philosophy.

Any anti-people terror projects on the part of the state would be opposed by people.

Shut down the Kudankulam nuclear terror plant for the sake of humanity's survival.

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