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Kashmir linked to India's Hitlerian Nostalgia

India’s Minister of State for Home Affairs Mr Jitendra Singh giving statistics of violence in Naxalite controlled areas and the Christian North-Eastern belt drew a comparison with terror and insurgency related incidents in Kashmir. [Economic Times 21 Aug, 2012].

The minister reported that Naxalite violence in 911 incidents claimed 183 lives of civilians and 84 security forces and in comparison Kashmir stood at 7 and 6 respectively and again drawing a comparison the North-Eastern belt claimed 49 and 7 lives in the same period. It also reported that Naxalite violence had claimed a total of 606 lives (464 civilians and 142 security personnel during 2011). The casualty figures for the last years’ (2011) were again higher in the Naxalites violence compared to "terror and insurgency" related deaths in Kashmir and the North-East.

The minister and the newspaper reporting can see huge violence ridden Naxalite areas, Mao rebels, Assam, the North-East and brand it as "violence" but purported "atrocities" committed on 6 or 7 people without giving a clue who the victims of terror are; are seen and emphasised as “terror and insurgency” to mislead the international community.

The choice and selection of words and phrases intriguingly, anyone can see, has sinister connotations when giving a symbolical mischievous narrative of violence in Kashmir forcing a semblance to dwarf gory and deadly details of violence hit Naxalite areas, the North-East or even Indian state sponsored terrorism.

Kashmir sparsely populated (about nine million in Indian occupied Kashmir) is faced with a million strong armed to teeth men in uniform, cement concrete bunkers, houses forcibly occupied by army and its paramilitary forces to keep a vigil on men, women and children with a pretext of "security measures" turning Kashmir into a concentration camp.

Kashmiris venturing out on the roads to peacefully demonstrate to voice their concerns about impune killings by Indian army are forced back into their houses through clamping of continuous curfews. The days on curfews, a distinct might is right characteristic of Indian army, temporarily succeeds as general public do have to survive and feed their children and families. The last 65 years ongoing situation is a continuous affair and the resultant deaths in torture chambers or indiscriminate firing, disappearances, rapes etc. has not broken the will of people to fight for their legitimate cause of seeking independence from the Indian occupation forces.

On the international level, the slogan of non-violence has been cashed umpteen times by India to hoodwink the international community but behaving like an Ostrich did not do much good to Indian policy makers and the myth of this slogan stands exposed and smashed.

The Gandhi philosophy of "non-violence" did not work even when Gandhi himself was around as Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre in FREEDOM AT MIDNIGHT on page 19 describe Gandhi in the following manner:

"To his followers, he was a saint. To the British bureaucrats whose hour of departure he’d hastened, he was a conniving politician, a bogus messiah whose non-violent crusade always ended in violence and whose fast unto death always stopped short of death’s door. Even a man as kind-hearted as Wavell, detested him as a ‘malevolent old politician…Shrewd, obstinate, domineering, double-tongued’, with ‘little true saintliness in him’ ".

Kashmir has suffered immensely at the hands of the ruthless Indian army backed by its intelligence agencies notorious for its crimes. The YouTube video titled "Incredible India in Kashmir" is an eye opener and a must to watch to see how India has been delivering “justice’ to the people of Kashmir; offering a choked atmosphere, an environment displaying a vulgar military might to punish innocent defenceless populace, measure by measure.


More than half of Kashmir’s population turned into psychological wrecks suffering from trauma and mental illnesses; desperately seek to ask the international community and the powers that be in the world to wakeup to restore their political rights and save them from annihilation. Kashmir strictly being a political problem; India in desperation is trying to project the freedom movement as "Pakistan sponsored Islamic fundamentalism". Though the world is witness that India’s Hindu fundamentalist forces under a military cover, in flagrant violation, shamelessly are allowed to browbeat and intimidate Kashmiri populace; forcing the entire population behind closed doors to hoist Indian national flag in Lal Chowk (Red Square) of Kashmir. The action is merely a message conveyed to its own emotionally charged up Indian public that "Kashmir is conquered land and India owns it".

Sharing of heritage, wave length and commonality between Nazis and Hindu fundamentalists of India, Kashmir cannot afford to wait to see some Indian Hitler with Swastika nostalgia, take control of nuclear arsenal, lose his mind and start a world war. The world, in order to guarantee overall peace to safeguard humanity, must take cognizance of this threat seriously before it is too late.


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